View Full Version : Have Medina signs? - Debra wants them back!

03-04-2010, 03:50 AM
A campaign coordinator for the Medina campaign said in an email that you should not throw away your signs - they will give instructions later for them to be collected and put in storage.


03-04-2010, 08:07 AM
Is this suggesting a run in 4 years?

03-04-2010, 08:17 AM
This is what I wanted to hear!

03-04-2010, 12:21 PM
well for one the material is very expensive (if it's the higher quality corrugated plastic)... the division of the plant I work at actually cuts the blanks 20/25 sheets at a time, one side a time for squareness until a pallet is fully stacked (depending on the size of the sign, that could be 250-1,000 sign blanks a pallet)... when the crews hall ass on the two machines that do it each machine can pop out around 40 per 12-hour shift...

That doesn't include the printing of the signs... usually you'll contact a middle-man company and place your order... they have the material they purchased from us in stock, then they take your order and contract a company to do the printing for you...

pretty pricey...

03-04-2010, 12:29 PM
Yup, I kept mine, hoping to use them in four years.