View Full Version : Debra Medina: "A Huge Texas Thank You"

03-03-2010, 05:44 PM
A Huge Texas Thank You
by Debra Medina on Mar 03, 2010

A huge Texas thank you to all who worked so hard to get the freedom candidate elected as governor of this great state! I cannot tell you how humbled I am to have been able to carry your banner forth. Even though we didn't win this battle, we will not give up fighting for the people and we will remain ever vigilant to hold our elected officials accountable.

What We Texans have accomplished has not only caught the attention of the nation and the world but it has inspired as only truth can inspire. We have not lost hope. We have energized and will strengthen our resolve to fight another day.

While I must concede the loss of this battle, I will not make concessions that reduce this fight to the level of mere sport. Our freedom is being stripped away and I will continue to press our cause. Our message was nothing less than what the original Founders were fighting for...our Life, our Liberty and our property.

To whomever wins the Texas governorship in November, the eyes of Texas will be upon you.

God Bless Texas,