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Republican Who Gained in Obama Election Looking For a Win in 2010
William (B.J.) Lawson: CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS (NC-4)

CARY, N.C., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- B.J. Lawson, 2008 Republican nominee for Congress in North Carolina's Fourth Congressional District, has decided to enter the race for the same seat in 2010. The seat is currently held by long-time incumbent David Price (D-Chapel Hill). Lawson, whose 2008 campaign raised over a half million dollars and attracted a national following and devoted team of grassroots volunteers, will work to build on the large momentum gained in the previous race. Despite North Carolina's straight ticket voting, the Democratic majorities in his district and Obama's large national victory, Lawson was successful in outpolling Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

"President Obama brought big anti-Republican resentment in 2008, but our campaign pushed back." Lawson said, "We walked the streets, staffed the polls and not only campaigned; we educated, showing people early how promises of Hope and Change were false and that common-sense conservative principles will get our country back on track. Even with three major colleges, an Obama campaign office and David Price pulling his DC staff to campaign for him, we moved the needle for both the party and conservatism. I'm extremely proud of that. "

Lawson, 36, relocated to North Carolina after high school to attend Duke University. After earning his medical doctorate in 2000, BJ started Durham-based software company Mercury MD, started a family with his high-school sweetheart JoLynn, and made the Research Triangle his family's home. "North Carolina has been my home for my entire adult life. I am proud to be a North Carolinian and JoLynn and I want to ensure North Carolina remains as wonderful a place to live for our children as it has been for us," Lawson stated.

Lawson is running on the same theme as his 2008 race: Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty. He believes that those conservative principles are being embraced nationwide, including in North Carolina's Fourth District. He said, "President Obama and the Democratic leadership has shown the country that their promised hope and change means nothing more than higher taxes, more bailouts, more regulation and less freedom. David Price may have gotten away with climbing on the coattails of this message two years ago, but I think the people now see that there are no coattails left."

Lawson concluded, "I have had the pleasure to serve my community as a physician and businessman, and I serve my family as a husband and father of three. I am excited about sharing my vision for North Carolina and the United States, and even more excited about serving my community as a member of Congress. Together, I believe the conservatives of this district of all political parties can send a message to Washington, DC that we have had enough of the bailouts, takeovers, and backroom deals of Nancy Pelosi and David Price."

His campaign can be followed at http://www.lawsonforcongress.com.

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