View Full Version : CBS News: "Perception doesn't match reality" (Americans are clueless)

02-17-2010, 11:06 PM

According to the multiple highly-regarded, non-partisan economic research firms, President Obama's economic stimulus package, which will likely ultimately cost around $862 billion, has in its first year saved or created at least 1.6 million jobs.

Yet just about the only people who seem to realize that fact seem to be the number-crunchers who put together the data: According to a CBS News/New York Times poll last week, just six percent -- six percent -- of Americans believe the stimulus package has created any jobs at all.

Most knowledgeable economists believe the stimulus bill significantly lessened the impact of the recession, but it did not obliterate it -- which helps explain why Americans don't see the bill as having been particularly effective. A larger stimulus bill, which some both in and outside the White House pushed for last February, might have had a more noticeable impact, though it also may not have made it through Congress.

You silly Americans aren't knowledgeable enough about the economy to make that kind of judgment.

Good googly moogly. And then they say a larger stimulus bill would have had a more noticeable impact on the economy -- that part is true, but not in a good way.