View Full Version : Today's the day Feb 17: 32 Liberty Candidates need our support

02-17-2010, 12:11 PM
$1,669 contributed to 32 liberty candidates so far. Mike Lee (Senate,UT) leads the pack with $207 raised so far, followed closely by Brian Miller (AZ-08) at $204, Collins Bailey (MD-05) at $162 and Mike McPadden (VA-05) with $137. ALL LibertySlate candidates have received donations!

Let's get these numbers up so these candidates will have the resources they need to win their primaries and overthrow the incumbents in their districts! Libertyslatemoneybomb.com (http://libertyslatemoneybomb.com/?1PMupdate)

Can we raise a thousand each by the end of the day? Reach out to friends and neighbors in your state for a small contribution to help send a genuine freedom candidate to Congress in 2010! You yourselves can give just a dollar to each candidate, it adds up!

Raised so far (1pm update):
Mike Lee (Senate,UT), $207
Brian Miller (AZ-08), $204
Collins Bailey (MD-05), $162
Mike McPadden (VA-05), $137
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02), $87
Peter Schiff (Senate, CT), $85
John Dennis (CA-08), $77
Morgan Philpot (UT-02), $72
Jaynee Germond (OR-04), $52
Joe Petronis (TX-10), $52
Robert Broadus (MD-04), $51
Valerie Meyers (GA-08), $47
Stephen Schoppe (TX-21), $46
Adam Kokesh (NM-03), $43
Chick Heileson (ID-02), $37
RJ Harris (OK-04), $34
Delia Lopez (OR-03), $32
Nathan Dahm (OK-01), $32
Mattie Fein (CA-36), $27
Jimmy Lakey (CO-07), $22
Pat Sellers (PA-06), $17
David Ratowitz (IL-05), $17
Pia Varm (PA-01), $17
Terri McCormick (WI-08), $16
Justin Amash (MI-03), $12
Bob Giuda (NH-02), $12
Dan Eichenbaum (NC-11), $12
Howard Houchen (OK-02), $12
Rachel Grubb (IN-03), $12
Linda Goldthorpe (MI-01), $12
Paul Lambert (AL-06), $12
Alan Bateman (NJ-04), $12

Libertyslatemoneybomb.com (http://libertyslatemoneybomb.com/?1PMupdate)