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02-15-2010, 06:44 PM
Liberty Forest Members,

You may remember me as SchiffForSenate. For many months I advised my friend Peter Schiff on his Senate Run. I am pleased to say that my friend Joseph Romano is now leading that effort and I am confident that with his efforts, Peter will be my next Senator.

I have taken my experience to aid in the efforts of another fine American seeking office. Rick Torres

Rick Torres is running for Congress in the 4th District of Connecticut against Democrat Jim Himes and he needs help in the primary against the RINOs who are part of the problem this country is facing.

Rick has never held office before but as a Cuban immigrant and native Spanish speaker, he garnered over 41% of the vote in the Democratic Machine town of Bridgeport in 2003.

To find out more please visit his website (http://www.ricktorres2010.com). You may reach out to me here at liberty forest or at efty@ricktorres2010.com

Below you will find his bio and letter of purpose

Rick Torres is a life-long Bridgeport resident, a successful small-business owner, and a true leader and steward of public good in his neighborhood, community, and city.

He prides himself in being a Constitutional scholar, and is running to be the kind of a citizen legislator envisioned by our Founders.

Rick was born in Bridgeport in 1959. His father, Juan, a Cuban immigrant and a political activist whose radio program had been shut down by the Batista regime, welcome the Cuban Revolution. In 1961, Juan took his family back to Cuba, to help Castro lead his native land out of tyranny—or so he thought. It took Juan only a couple of months to become disillusioned with the communist dictator, and another 5 years to secure a permission to leave Cuba again. Thus, in 1967, Rick and his brother were brought back to Bridgeport—with not much more than the clothes on their backs.

Today a successful self-made businessman and perhaps the most respected Republican in Bridgeport, Rick never forgets his humble beginnings.

He spent his post-Cuba childhood across the street from P.T. Barnum Public Housing Project. In high school, he proved a star athlete, becoming Captain of Basketball Team, selected All-Conference in football—and chosen King of the Prom!—and earning two athletic college scholarships: one in basketball and one in football. With his eyes set on becoming a doctor, Rick enrolled himself for a year into a prestigious prep school—striking a deal with the headmaster to work, in lieu of paying the tuition, as a school carpenter over the summer and two hours every day for the rest of the year.

Winning a full academic scholarship, Rick went on to study biology in Washington University. It was there that he met his future wife—now of 27 years—Michele. In 1983, Rick graduated with honors and returned to Bridgeport. He enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Microbiology and Biochemistry at the UConn Health Center. Two years later—him and Michele now having three sons—Rick had to quit graduate school to support his family.

Rick and Michele started a series of small businesses, working double shifts for years. Eventually, they bought Harborview Market: a once thriving neighborhood store which had fallen on desperate times. Today, Harborview is once again a successful business, a bakery and a cafe frequented and loved by people in the community and beyond.

Ever since his return to Bridgeport in 1983—long before Barack Obama gave community organizers a bad name—Rick has been very involved with the people looking to improve Bridgeport. Rick took active role in a number of neighborhood and community organizations, and ran for several local government offices. Initially a registered Democrat—having been attracted to the “social justice” rhetoric of the Democratic Party—Rick in due course became first a closet Republican, and then a full-fledged conservative. The more Rick looked around, the more inescapable was the conclusion: it was exactly the ‘compassion’ of the big government—professed by the Democratic Party—that was incentivizing poverty. On the other hand, the only logical solution to end poverty was to help people get off the government dole.

In 2003, Rick ran for a Republican mayor of Bridgeport. Rick knew that quality education was a sure way up from slavery of government ‘compassion’. Advocating small neighborhood charter schools in Bridgeport became central to his campaign. In the city in which Democrats outnumbered Republicans 6 to 1, the polls right before the elections were showing Rick even with the Democratic incumbent. The Bridgeport Democratic Machine—rivaled perhaps only by that of Chicago—became very worried. For example, Dodd and Blumenthal both came to campaign against Rick. On the election day alone, ACORN spent $100,000—on top of city officials getting a day off to man the polls. Rick got 41% of the vote.

The lessons learned helped Rick in 2006—now the Bridgeport RTC chairman—to manage a successful Bridgeport campaign for Chris Shays.

Rick and Michele have five children: John, Alex, Michael, Kaitlyn, and Gabbi. All five attended the same St. Ann School in Bridgeport as Rick.

Letter of Purpose

My name is Rick Torres. I am running for U.S. Congress here in Connecticut’s 4th District, against Democrat Jim Himes. I am running because I still believe in the principles on which this great nation of ours was founded: in the rights of individuals to be free and choose their own destiny, and to benefit and prosper from the fruits of their labor. By contrast, Jim Himes believes in a cradle-to-grave nanny state, and redistribution of our wealth.

I know that it is the liberty and free-market capitalism—not the government—which turned the United States into an economic superpower—by unleashing human ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Jim Himes thinks that it is the government who knows best how to spend away our money—‘out of’ the very recession that the government has created in the first place, by meddling in the free market with the likes of the Community Reinvestment Act, coupled with artificially low interest rates—the very recession that the government continues to exacerbate by choking the private sector.

I want to improve our health care system—already the best in the world—through the free-market principles of increased competition and individual choice, and by liberating it further from the government intervention and control. Jim Himes trusts the government—the same government which could not provide an adequate supply of flu vaccines—to ‘fix’ the world’s best health care system, by modeling it after Euro-Canadian failed socialist experiments of rationing and deficit—and after our own near-bankrupt, government-run Medicare/Medicaid.

I firmly believe that the best ‘stimulus’ for our economy that the government can provide is to get out of the way, both in terms of confiscatory taxes and excessive regulation. Jim Himes is convinced that bloated government bureaucracy—wrestling the private sector into submission—is the answer.

I believe that the first and foremost constitutional responsibility of the federal government is to protect our country from villains who wage a war against her. Jim Himes sees it more fit to spend our hard-earned money first on legal council for terrorists.

I could go on. The contrast could not be more striking. It is the contrast between the great United States of America envisioned by our Founders, built on principles of Individual Liberty of John Locke and Free-Market Capitalism of Adam Smith on one hand—and the Karl-Marx-light socialist dystopia of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid on the other. (And, by extension, of Jim Himes, who has voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time.)

I know the value of freedom, because I have seen people living without it. I know the inhumanity of socialism, because I was subjected to it myself—twice. My first stint with it came in 1961, with the Cuban Revolution. My father, a true believer in freedom and a hero of mine, took his family from the United States back to his native Cuba. I was a little boy at the time. My father wanted to help Fidel Castro lead his country out of tyranny—or so he thought. It did not take him long to realize who Castro truly was: a brutal communist dictator—but it took him another five years to be able to flee Cuba again, so that his four children could grow up in freedom.

My second stint with socialism was not in Cuba. It was right here, in the United States. It was in public housing in Bridgeport. There, I experienced first hand the socialist dystopia of big government. The demeaning incentives the government provides for people to remain poor and enslaved on the government’s dole, in perpetuity. Personally, I have managed to escape the suffocating grip of government ‘compassion’ —but too many people have not. And it is unacceptable to me. Yes, there are two Americas—not along the class-warfare lines of John Edwards—but along the demarcation line of government control and free-market capitalism. On one side, there are the poor living enslaved on government socialism, and on the other, the successful living free in capitalism.

By handing out dole, all the government does is encourage poverty: generation in, generation out. What I want to do is to help the poor get off this ‘assistance’: by showing to them that they, too, can participate in the free-market capitalism, and prosper from it. This, my friends, is what true compassion is about.

These are not just words. This message resonates with those enslaved by the government dole—more than most of us realize. Case in point: in 2003, the chairman of Bridgeport RTC, I ran for a Republican mayor in the city in which Democrats outnumber Republicans 6 to 1. I took on the Democratic Machine there—rivaled only by the Democratic Machine in Chicago—and won 43% of the vote. This is despite ACORN’s tremendous efforts to defeat me: on the election day alone, ACORN spent $100,000! Despite this, I still got 43% of the vote—by telling people the truth about the slavery of government hand-outs, and the freedom and opportunity of the free-market capitalism. I did it by delivering a message of true hope and true change: not of a life-long existence on a welfare check.

This track record of my success is indicative of how I will beat Jim Himes. I will do it, in particular, by challenging him in Bridgeport, on what the Democrats had long come to view as their home turf. Indeed, it is in Bridgeport where the general elections are decided in the 4th District. Let me give you an example. In 2006, Chris Shays lost Bridgeport by only 5,000 votes—as I mounted a grass-roots, ground campaign there on his behalf. As a result, he won the general election. Having endorsed the Democratic Machine candidate for mayor in 2007 (making it impossible for me to run in that election), Chris refused my repeated offers for help in 2008. The result? Chris lost Bridgeport by some 20,000 votes—negating his lead of some 10,000 votes in the rest of the district—and gave us Jim Himes.

As compelling as my message is to those enslaved by government ‘Social Justice’, it is equally appealing to those of us who have been enjoying the benefits and freedom of capitalism. We must be vigilant lest we lose this precious freedom to the government of Barack Obama and his enablers in Congress. Make no mistake: our liberal rights are under assault. Our property rights are under assault. Yet, property is essential to liberty; without property there is no liberty. Under this government, we are on the road to serfdom—the very road great economist Friedrich von Hayek warned us about in 1944. It is up to us to reverse this course. It is up to us, to stand up and say 'Enough'.

On a personal note, my beautiful wife of 27 years, Michelle, and I have five children. The thought of them, or their children, not being able to enjoy the same freedom and opportunity as what I was afforded here in America, the thought of betraying the dream of my father, is unbearable to me. And this, too, is why I am running.

I pledge to you that, as your representative in Congress, I would never compromise your liberty: be it your right to prosper from the fruits of your labor, keep more of your money in your pocket, choose your doctor, or choose a school for your child. And last, but not least: your right to live in a country secure from attacks by its enemies.

My name is Rick Torres. I am running for Congress against Jim Himes. I need your vote, and I need your help. Together, we can once again ‘secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity.’ Thank you for your support.