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02-11-2010, 06:00 PM
Dear Team McPadden

As you know now Joshua Solovskoy has resigned from McPadden for Congress. Let
me be the first to say that he will be missed. Joshua is a tireless worker
and a man of principle who simply does not share the same vision of liberty
as this campaign. I am sad to see him go, and truly wish him the very best
in all of his future endeavors.

That being said, allow me to update all of you on the campaign’s progress. The
weather in the last two weeks has proven to be a challenge. We had events
planned almost every day that we had to cancel. I had meetings in
Washington with some very influential Congressmen and women that had to be
cancelled because of the second biggest snow storm in Washington’s history.
Thanks for all this Global Warming Al Gore. We still have events everyday
this weekend. If God is willing and it doesn’t snow anymore, we will make

On the bright side one of our volunteers, Larry Bethea, has a sister, Lori,
who it turns out is very adept at fundraising. We were extremely fortunate
to have her offer her services to aid in fund raising and I am happy to
report that fund raising now is very good.

Because of our successful fundraising efforts, we were able to bring on a
full time finance officer who will be in charge of all aspects of fund
raising. We have also hired a full time events coordinator who will oversee
all of the meet and greets and fund raisers from now until November. We are
in negotiations to bring on a full time volunteer coordinator. We believe
that it will be the volunteers to this campaign that will win this election,
and this position is one of the most important positions. We also have a
professional grassroots coordinator who has volunteered to set up at least
two seminars for McPadden for Congress people to train our staff and
volunteers in all aspects of grassroots campaigns.

In March we will be putting the last pieces of the puzzle together for
victory in June and then on to November. We will be adding a professional
campaign manager and strategist to complete the team. I would like to bring
them on sooner but previous commitments will keep them elsewhere until

We are very excited by all of these new developments and will keep you
updated as the campaign progresses. Liberty is on a sure course for victory
this June and I am sincerely grateful that all of you are with us.

Yours in Liberty

Michael McPadden

Liberty Wins!!!


Per Libertas

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02-12-2010, 02:14 PM
Mike McPadden is also one of 32 beneficiary candidates in the upcoming LibertySlate moneybomb on Feb 17. http://libertyslatemoneybomb.com

02-15-2010, 05:05 PM
So who is his new man/woman? This was news to me that there was a resignation.

02-15-2010, 06:02 PM
So who is his new man/woman? This was news to me that there was a resignation.

Not sure yet - I'll be sure to pass it along when I get the scoop. ;)