View Full Version : Glenn Beck in CA this week, can we get John Dennis on the show?

02-09-2010, 08:41 PM
Some contact info for Glenn Beck:

Call to action - The John Dennis campaign needs your help!

Glenn Beck is showcasing California’s failures (Pelosi - Hello!) all week long, and a wonderful opportunity exists for Mr. Dennis to explain to a national audience how real liberty candidates can win anywhere, everywhere, and in doing so take back California and the Republic. Getting John on the show can really take the Dennis campaign to the next level, and so we’re calling on our supporters to give 5 quick minutes of your time to email the folks at the Beck show.

Email Glenn Beck here - me@glennbeck.com

Stu Burguiere (the producer) - stu@glennbeck.com *** This address does not work!

Christopher Brady (website and news tips) - cbrady@glennbeck.com

Thank you! Together we’ll make it happen!

Kevin Komsthoeft

Volunteer Coordinator - John Dennis Campaign 2010

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