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02-09-2010, 04:49 PM
Christian lives about 4 hours away and spent the last couple days here in Santa Fe.


From Christian Townsend, New Mexico resident and Kokesh supporter:

Well, football season is finally over. After weeks and weeks of games, practices, controversies, and anticipation, the Super Bowl finally arrived, and in a couple hours it was over, and with it, football season. Another season continues, however, and a season whose outcome will have far greater effects on America than any football season ever will. That is election season, and I am proud to be a player on the best team competing.

Forgive me, I believe introductions are in order. My name is Christian Townsend, and I am a Regional Coordinator and Campaign Liaison for the Kokesh for Congress campaign. Before I joined this team, I worked in politics in a variety of areas. On a local level, in my hometown of Portales, I have been a member of the regional Growth and Planning Committee, helping to find solutions to complex infrastructural and economic problems that plague my community, as they do in much of the state. I have participated in national level debate for four years now, where I have had the privilege to represent the state of New Mexico and its ideals to the best and brightest of the rest of the nation.

This summer I again had the privilege of representing our great state to the rest of the nation at a Presidential National Security and Intelligence program, where my eyes were truly opened to exactly what it takes to keep our nation safe from the plethora of threats it faces daily. I deeply care about our nation, its future, and its safety, and this has driven me to join our nation’s military. This profound desire to keep America safe and successful has also led me to join the Kokesh for Congress campaign; I am convinced (something which is quite rare for a professional debater) that electing Adam Kokesh to Congress is the best thing that New Mexicans can do to make America protected and prosperous.

When I first joined this team back in October of 2009, it was a fresh-faced and talented crew with a revolutionary leader and a dream to match. It was the pre-season for us, and I was a walk-on with only a vague idea of how to play. Since then we have emerged as the leading team in this race; our fresh-faced crew has become an experienced, sleek, and skilled team with a vision that is becoming a reality, and a leader who has continually proven himself in every way.

The regular season is drawing to a close now, and we are entering what amounts to our playoffs: the primary. Winning the primary is a complicated process (for a good description of it click here), and just as every play counts in a playoff game, so does everything we do in the primary.

Right now we are faced with a critical task, a task that can win this primary for us, and a task that we need your help with. That task is supporting delegates, and it is important that we receive your help with this because delegates ensure two things. One, we must have at least 20% of the delegates support Adam at the State Republican Convention in order to secure a place on the primary ballot. Secondly, having a convincing amount of delegates support the Kokesh for Congress campaign goes a long way in gathering the support we need to win the ballots of voters.

There are many ways you can support delegates. For one, you can log onto www.callforkokesh.com, and use our virtual phone bank to make calls to inform people and increase participation in important local events, such as volunteer meetings and local Republican Party conventions, where the delegates are selected.

Secondly, you can sponsor a delegate. Participating in the State Convention as a delegate does cost money, and by supporting a delegate you free them to participate and support Adam at the State Convention. If you can, we would love to have you sponsor a delegate (http://kokeshforcongress.com/sponsor-delegate), and help the Kokesh for Congress team win our primary “playoffs” and advance to our “Super Bowl”, the general election, where we will defeat the incumbent and bring security, prosperity, and honesty back to Congress.

02-09-2010, 06:39 PM
I'd be really close to betting money that he is in Junior Statesmen of America.