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Meet Republican John Dennis, a newcomer who hopes to upset Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 6:14 AM PST

Some refer to her as the "Princess" of politics. Others think of her as the most powerful Democrat in the legislative body, with everything except the people's interest in mind.

But whatever you want to say about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, nothing takes away from the fact that she is third in line for the presidency.

Speaker Pelosi, a career politician representing the people of San Francisco, is seeking to retain her tiara with a smooth and swift reelection this year. While many have tried to dethrone the Speaker in years past, no one has been successful.

But this year, there's one man looking to be the exception to Pelosi's uninterrupted reign.

This man is San Francisco's John Dennis.

Having lived in the Bay Area since the early '90s, Dennis, who describes himself as a pro-liberty Republican, was growing tired of the D.C. status quo: uncontrolled spending, unaccounted bailouts, and government that has grown out of control, trying to meddle in the lives of the American people every chance they got.

"My highest political values are the rights of the individual. Government is just supposed to protect our rights. We are what matter, not the government," Dennis said to me during a phone interview from his office in San Francisco, adding, "We need to rein the federal government in and get it out of our lives."

Dennis, a businessman and entrepreneur with a wife and daughter, could have just shook his head like most Americans at the state of U.S. politics. But for the first time ever, Dennis felt compelled to get involved on a grand scale.

"Rather than just being someone who complained about it, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get in the fight," he said, citing more than just his opponent as a reason for starting a campaign. "I was furious of my own party. I want a limited government. We should live by it," he said.

While critics might think Speaker Pelosi, who has served in Congress for two decades, is virtually untouchable by someone who is somewhat of an unknown in the political arena, one need only look to the recent Massachusetts Senate race to have that idea extinguished.

"There are so many people frustrated, grassroots groups popping up, looking for candidates they can trust. This is what our framers had in mind: people to go (to D.C.), enforce the laws and go home," Dennis said.

Dennis, the founder of the San Francisco chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus and currently the head of the Campaign for Liberty San Francisco, may not be recognized (yet) on the national stage, but he is well on his way.

With endorsements from the likes of former San Francisco Chief of Police Tony Ribera, Western Representation PAC, RetakeCongress.com, the Tenth Amendment Center, and even former presidential candidate and current Texas Congressman Ron Paul, John Dennis' conservative values and pro-liberty beliefs may be just what the people need in order to derail an already out-of-control government train.

All aboard?

To learn more about John Dennis for Congress, visit JohnDennis2010.com.

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what I just got in my inbox, how'd I get on his mailing list? Not that I'm not happy for him and I hope he wins, just askn'?

tron paul
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Go John Dennis Go!

Dethrone Queen Pelosi!

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For the Horde!