View Full Version : Precious Metals to Kokesh??

01-31-2010, 09:32 PM
Is there anywhere that lists how much they have gotten as donations, or do they just add the total to the normal donation amount?

I think sending metals is a great thing, because who knows what they will be worth in a few months. It could go either way, but if they were to go up the results would be great for the campaign's holdings.

Why doesn't the campaign organize their "Real Money Bomb" into something like the actual money bombs we organize, but instead of making it a single day, make it a whole month, so people can have plenty of time to find out and mail some ounces in? I know they've had the Real Money Bomb up for awhile now, but it hasn't been getting much publicity.. I think it's a perfect idea and we should go national with it and put the word out..