View Full Version : Hostettler takes his oath of office very seriously

01-31-2010, 04:58 PM
Here's a blog about a debate that took place last night between three of the candidates who will probably be in Indiana's Republican primary for the US Senate.

Note this section:

John Hostettler set himself apart by answering every question with “The Constitution says…”, and showed an impressive ability to quote directly from the document. It makes you wonder if he has the entire thing memorized–and maybe even sleeps with it under his pillow? In all seriousness, it was very heartening to watch a politician speak with a valid authority on current ideas, fully recognizing the limits set forth by the founding fathers, and not wishing to cross those boundaries for private or public gain.

This is the same thing I have noticed when I've heard him speak in person, and it is the thing most other people notice as the thing that stands out most to them about Hostettler. He quotes the Constitution and the Federalist Papers very fluently. He repeatedly makes the point that his oath to uphold the Constitution is his entire job description. He explicitly affirms that the Constitution limits the powers of the federal government primarily by enumerating only those things which it is permitted to do and excluding from it all things that are not among those enumerated powers.

Even Kathy Stutzman (I believe the mother of his chief rival for the nomination, Marlin Stutzman) was impressed by that quality. See the comment she made on his Facebook fan page after a previous event featuring several of the candidates.