View Full Version : Chip-in for Mosaic Flyers in NW FL Newspaper

10-05-2007, 07:22 PM
Lovers of Liberty

I have made a deal with a local newspaper in NW Florida called the Bay Beacon. It is delivered every Wednesday to a mostly upper middle income bracket around the Niceville, Ft Walton, Eglin and Hurlburt Air Force Bases. All total it is $2,250 to get a flyer into each paper for one full run (circulation of 15,500.) I will be using these one thousand flyers plus 15K more on their way from Papergraphics http://bp0.blogger.com/_dGAlFMVvspo/RvmSrE89mMI/AAAAAAAAABI/S3503-5WfyU/s200/paul+flyers.JPG

Chip-in link:

I know we are almost tapped, but this area is brimming with a Libertarian mindset (R's usually win the house seat by a 70-30 margin) and the Bay Beacon is read by many of the older folks around here. Btw, I got Papergraphics to put 1-800-RON-PAUL on the card instead of dailypaul.com due to the estimation that the older crowd does not have net access.

10-05-2007, 07:49 PM
Post this in the Grassroots forum, it will get more attention.