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01-24-2010, 07:28 PM

My apologies if this be a repost. We are currently growing, as we started on January 1st. We already have over 1,300 posts, 141 members, and 17 blog posts.

If you have any questions, contact me @ FB:


YLF is the forums of YOY. If you so decide to join, on the registration page, when asked who referred you, list "indyfreedomlover" (quotes omitted).

Here is the mission statement:

Welcome to the Front.

You are here to change the world.

Let's be perfectly clear.

This has nothing to do with left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

This is not another "non-partisan" group with vague goals that peddles contemptible garbage while claiming to speak for the youth.

This is about hardcore youth empowerment. Community organizing 2.0. Building a movement of the youth, by the youth, for America and the world.


Because America is now a one-party state, and the Establishment must be challenged by outsiders with no vested interest in the status quo.

Because the economic "recovery" is a lie, and the few people who predicted the Great Recession are saying the worst is yet to come and the government just adds fuel to the fire.

Because the "international community" is steamrolling toward war with Iran, and Washington's interventionist foreign policy - practiced no matter which party holds power - threatens the survival of our republic.

America is in decline. Obama rearranges deck chairs on the Titanic and calls that change. Republicans whine about the socialist chair arrangement and call that opposition. These people are not leaders.

If we want to bring real change to America, we will have to do it ourselves.


To avert catastrophe, we need revolution.

Nothing violent. But imagine a youth-driven, nationwide movement numbering in the hundreds of thousands - and eventually in the millions - capable of exerting tremendous political pressure on incumbents from both parties.

Why not? If we have the truth on our side, the winds of change at our backs, and a message whose time has come, no force on earth can stop us from reaching out to EVERY ONE of our fellow citizens, building a true mass movement for liberty in our lifetimes.

In a country starved for real leadership, our generation can fill the gap.

Year of Youth got the ball rolling with Project 2012, calling for a sustained effort from individuals and organizations to prepare for a massive wave of youth candidates for state and local offices all across America in 2012. But this is only the beginning.

We need to hit the Establishment where it really hurts: their popular support, their legitimacy with the people. The ruling elites are most vulnerable at the grassroots level, at the base of the political pyramid.

If our movement adopts a laser-like focus on local organizing and local elections, we can take our country back in three years at the latest.

To make this goal a reality, we need YOU to get up out of the computer chair and take definite action to advance this movement. You must become the best organizer you can be, the best leader, and the best possible advocate for a message of real change. You owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win.

That's what this website is for.


"Change comes from power, and power comes from organization."

This textbook insight from Saul Alinsky worked pretty well for Barack Obama, and it's going to work even better for us.

Forget big-name politicians, money-soaked campaigns, and status-quo party politics. To ignite this people-powered revolution, we just need YOU and a few hundred other young people willing to bounce ideas off each other until we can agree on some fundamentals and a course of action: How do we define real change? What must be done to achieve it? What goals should we set? What training do we need to achieve those goals? How do we empower ourselves and our peers to make our vision a reality?

When we have a draft of a plan, we can expand outward, pulling our friends and classmates on board with our effort, setting every campus in America on fire with activity. From there, the sky is the limit.

This project is about you and your hopes and dreams. So speak up! Start by registering an account and posting your thoughts -- either as a comment below, or in a blog post, or in a post on our forums. Let's start a conversation that culminates in massive, focused action for real change.

With your participation, this website will fast become ground zero for the largest and most ambitious political project in American history. This can sweep the country and the world. Let's make it happen.

01-29-2010, 10:37 PM
I'm glad to see all the views on this, and I hope we can grow it even more!!!!

02-06-2010, 04:43 PM
Hey, you guys should also team up with the Leadership Institute. I know they aren't quite as libertarian as most of us here, but they don't care about our political ideas, they are there to train activist. There is the "Youth Leadership School" that I think would be great to promote for your members, it will really teach them how to impact their campuses and surrounding areas. There are other valuable schools offered as well. Here is the link to the calendar.... http://www.leadershipinstitute.org/training/index.cfm