View Full Version : HR 1835: incentive or subsidy

01-22-2010, 09:57 PM

At first I was excited that Pickens was doing something to prove that ene Isn't producing energy independence can be done privately and it can be cost effective. Isn't getting goods locally without having to pay for built in shipping costs more cost effective in the long run?

Well I was excited until I found out that there is a bill that is trying to push the natural gas initiative through and I wonder who will be one of the well connected elites to profit from government subsidized business.. gee...

I think they have it bass ackwards. There is no way we can use renewables on a mass scale to feed a large grid but what is possible and has been proven, is for individual homes and small complexes to self generate energy from solar and other sources.

Get off the grid and off the power company, but I bet the power companies have a lobby to protect their crony business too.