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01-10-2010, 12:01 PM
~Ron Ferrin For Congress~

When a conservative runs for office and has no experienced, heís called, ďNot qualified.Ē When a Liberal runs for office and has no experience, itís called, ďChange we can believe in.í

I believe that TEACHING conservativism is just as important as LEGISLATING conservativism.

That was the problem with the '94 election. After we won, we stopped teaching the values of conservativism and the Liberal message filled the void.

I believe that winning back the House, as well as sending Webb home, will require not only the vote of all of us Liberty loving Conservatives, but also many moderates and even democrats who agree with the Conservative creed. But they must be educated.

My campaign is about talking Conservative High Ideals. People enjoy when I talk about the difference between Conservativism and Socialism and what it means to their daily lives. Iím even linking up with a new Political Action Committee that will help conservatives get elected. THEY will help organize and fund, I will headline for them. Maybe there is someone here who has wants to run for some level of government.

I will not only Represent the citizens of the 5th district, but I will use my office as a soap box to teach conservativism and help others get elected.

I am running as a conservative working family candidate.

I have not lived this past year by rearranging a multi-million dollar portfolio. Iíve done it like 95% of the people in the 5th district, by working harder and cutting back.

I canít write my campaign a check for a quarter of a million dollars. I canít pay for endorsements. But what I CAN do is take to Washington an understanding of what itís like to feel an electric rate increase, and if this Global Warming gets any colder, I donít know WHAT Iím going to do.

ďWe have every right to dream heroic dreams. And after all, why shouldn't we believe that. We Are Americans.Ē - Ronald Reagan