View Full Version : Chuck DeVore iPhone App Review

01-08-2010, 11:19 AM

Chuck DeVore, candidate for the US Senate seat in California currently held by Babara Boxer, released his iPhone App yesterday.
It's the first iPhone app released by a candidate for the US Senate -
and of course I downloaded it immediately after seeing Justin Hart's tweet.

The app is very well setup and allows you (once you create your
account) to learn all about the campaign through news, events, photos,
videos, and chuck's twitter feed, as well as engage with the campaign
(via a volunteer survey and filling in your meta data).

The Twitter integration allows you to perform certain searches on
popular conservative hashtags (#tcot, #catcot, #rs, #gop, #sgp,
etc...). It's very well done in the typical smooth iPhone menu design.

The only piece that it is missing (which according to Justin Hart is being
developed) is a donation link. I think once that final piece is put
into place the iPhone app will be complete.

The thing I like most about this application is the entire theme is
centered around getting you campaign information. It provides Photos,
Video, Events, and twitter feed. The only thing I would love to see is
maybe a current location of Chuck to draw me into the campaign fully.