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I heard it was non government. Can somebody verify that, and who the people are that are behind that swindling outfit?:)

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Bilderberg!!! What I think is a attention getter was the fact for the 1st time in their existance,they refused to post a member list last year when their names were surfacing as the cause of all this crap.No such thing as coincidence.


http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0geu_UaKUNLH0IAk.pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzNDM3cjd uBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0Y3NTRfMTI3/SIG=121gs5f39/EXP=1262779034/**http%3a//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group

http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0geu_UaKUNLH0IAp.pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzcm5iaTc 1BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDOQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0Y3NTRfMTI3/SIG=1279ma6ob/EXP=1262779034/**http%3a//www.cbc.ca/news/background/bilderberg-group/

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Welcome to the forums. There's a LOT of reading on this subject here and elsewhere. I recommend The Creature From Jeckyll Island by G. Edward Griffin as a great place to start.

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01-05-2010, 02:47 PM
If we eliminated this organization,we wouldn't have any problems after the dust settled.

Lord Xar
01-05-2010, 04:20 PM
with BoA owning 18% of that pie-chart, I would say BOA is a safe investment.

01-08-2010, 09:53 PM
I heard it was non government. Can somebody verify that, and who the people are that are behind that swindling outfit?:)

Very intense and detailed article:

The Federal Reserve has inflicted a century of financial havoc on Americans; looking at how this came to pass reveals who desired this state of affairs (namely the Rockefeller, Morgan, and Rothschild big-banking interests) and how they profit from it. by James Perloff

Our Monetary Mayhem Began With the Fed

James Perloff
02 April 2009


scottish devil
01-11-2010, 10:29 AM
Well I don't know a lot but I do know that Rothchild is JEWISH if that helps.
Come on folks, do we really need to ask who controls the fed. Follow the money. Oh. shoot we can't because we can't audit it. Well thank god the lions share of the banks(if not all ) are JEWISH controlled. That way we do not need to guess.

01-22-2010, 11:07 AM
The "others" is the scary part!!That could be the fed themselves,buying their own t-bills.Not to mention now the speculation of the fed buying up stuff in the stock market.

01-28-2010, 02:15 AM
If we eliminated this organization,we wouldn't have any problems after the dust settled.

I wouldn't go that far....but it would be a step in the direction of Liberty. The people behind the organization will still be around and still have enormous amount of power and wealth.

01-28-2010, 02:19 AM
I don't have Griffin's book "the creature from Jekyll Island" in front of me but I seem to recollect that he states in there that the original formation of the FED had shares that were issued that are SEPERATE from the current member bank stock. And not even the US government knows the identity of the ownership of the original shares.

Anyone recall this and the details??

03-15-2010, 06:22 PM
Eliot Spitzer hit a home run on this topic with this article:

So who selected Geithner back in 2003? Well, the Fed board created a select committee to pick the CEO. This committee included none other than Hank Greenberg, then the chairman of AIG; John Whitehead, a former chairman of Goldman Sachs; Walter Shipley, a former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, now JPMorgan Chase; and Pete Peterson, a former chairman of Lehman Bros. It was not a group of typical depositors worried about the security of their savings accounts but rather one whose interest was in preserving a capital structure and way of doing business that cried out for—but did not receive—harsh examination from the N.Y. Fed.

The composition of the New York Fed's board, which supervises the organization and current Chairman Friedman, is equally troubling. The board consists of nine individuals, three chosen by the N.Y. Fed member banks as their own representatives, three chosen by the member banks to represent the public, and three chosen by the national Fed Board of Governors to represent the public. In theory this sounds great: Six board members are "public" representatives.

So whom have the banks chosen to be the public representatives on the board during the past decade, as the crisis developed and unfolded? Dick Fuld, the former chairman of Lehman; Jeff Immelt, the chairman of GE; Gene McGrath, the chairman of Con Edison; Ronay Menschel, the chairwoman of Phipps Houses and also, not insignificantly, the wife of Richard Menschel, a former senior partner at Goldman. Whom did the Board of Governors choose as its public representatives? Steve Friedman, the former chairman of Goldman; Pete Peterson; Jerry Speyer, CEO of real estate giant Tishman Speyer; and Jerry Levin, the former chairman of Time Warner. These were the people who were supposedly representing our interests!

Here's a few other links:

04-14-2010, 07:48 AM

Two things. First, who are the "Others"? That information, I am sure, would be rather enlightening.

Second, this only speaks to "domestic" assets. While no doubt considerable, it may well present a distinct minority proportion. What is the link between "Others" and global holdings?

04-18-2010, 12:34 AM
Its evident there is no difference in people.Only how much money they have.