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Free Moral Agent
12-11-2009, 04:56 PM

Update #2: So here's the good news: the Paul amendment passed with the bill! No matter how bad the overall bill, it's still pretty incredible that we were able to get a thorough audit of the Fed all the way through the House.

The bad news: the overall bill is awful, so we will continue to oppose it as this debate shifts to the Senate, where it is likely to take at least a few months - if not fall off the radar entirely.

We will continue to work to pass S 604 in the Senate (and we may get a vote soon if Senators DeMint, Sanders, Vitter, and Bunning can delay Bernanke's confirmation), and we will keep working to get Audit the Fed a standalone vote in the House. After all, we can now tell 223 Dems that they already voted for a thorough audit! They just need to pass it on its own merits, instead of hiding it in an overall package that would increase the ability of the federal government to intervene in the economy.

There is still hope for a standalone vote of HR 1207 in the House via a discharge petition, as well as a standalone vote of S 604 in the Senate pending Bernake's confirmation!

The best scenario and course of action would be

a vote for S 604 in the Senate passes (whether Bernake gets confirmed is irrelevant)
HR 4173 (w/ the HR1207 amendment) gets defeated in the Senate
Disillusioned co-sponsors and Alan Grayson rally behind a discharge petition for HR 1207 in the house and it passes

If the Audit The Fed bill ever makes it onto the president's desk, it won't matter if he vetos it. By that time, there would be enough public outrage that the Free Competition In Currency Act would be red hot.

One thing I've noticed about Ron Paul is that he is almost prescient in how will react to what he puts on the table. There is nothing random about the timing and sequence of his bills .

Free Moral Agent
05-11-2010, 02:13 PM
S 604 has yet to be voted on by itself, but seeing that Vitter's amendment did not pass I think we're pretty clear where the Senate stands on this...

Our only option right now is scenario #3

05-11-2010, 07:04 PM
HR 1207 is already part of the House version of the bill, so it will be there in conference committee. I am CERTAIN they have no intention of keeping it and intend to replace it with the watered down senate version, but we need to keep the pressure on and make it politically expensive for them. Note that Dodd will be on conference committee and isn't running again. Also, McConnell voted against the Vitter bill (as did Bennett, nothing to lose). So if McConnell picks confrerees, no way is he going to pick those interested in the HR 1207 language.

BUT we need to keep the noise up for people to push for the House version not Senate version, because it is still in play until they come out with a conference version of the bill to be voted on up or down.