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12-10-2009, 02:05 PM
China & Canada: call for Worldwide One Child Policy, fight Global Warming

Population control called key to deal

China Daily CN
Dec. 10, 2009

COPENHAGEN: Population and climate change are intertwined but the population issue has remained a blind spot when countries discuss ways to mitigate climate change and slow down global warming, according to Zhao Baige, vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC) .

"Dealing with climate change is not simply an issue of CO2 emission reduction but a comprehensive challenge involving political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues, and the population concern fits right into the picture," said Zhao, who is a member of the Chinese government delegation.

Many studies link population growth with emissions and the effect of climate change.

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The real inconvenient truth
The whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy

Financial Post - Canada
December 08, 2009

The "inconvenient truth" overhanging the UN's Copenhagen conference is not that the climate is warming or cooling, but that humans are overpopulating the world.

A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.

The world's other species, vegetation, resources, oceans, arable land, water supplies and atmosphere are being destroyed and pushed out of existence as a result of humanity's soaring reproduction rate.

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Freedom 4 all
12-11-2009, 08:43 AM
In Canada's defense, that article was written by a lone pschopathic journalist, not the actual government.

12-11-2009, 10:33 PM
I am not a fan of Laura Ingraham or the O'Reilly Factor, but it was an interesting conversation with the author of the famous Canadian editorial today calling for a global one child policy as a solution to global problems

Video Here:

http://video.foxnews.com/12438430/the-one-thing-1211#/12439441/radical-idea/?category_id=9ccf127ad00c53ab8708e18e946bf50e83958 340