View Full Version : UK Met Office to publish climate records

12-06-2009, 07:55 AM
but why did they wait until now to release them? why weren't they already public domain?
they say they're "continuing a policy" of releasing data...


UK Met Office to publish climate records

London, England (CNN) -- The UK's weather service, the Met Office is to publish station temperature records that make up the global land surface temperature record.

Professor John Mitchell, director of climate science at the Met Office told CNN: "We are releasing the data to reassure people that climate data is sound."

The data includes information from more than 1000 stations worldwide and will be published online next week.


The Met Office said that by releasing the data it was continuing a policy of putting as much station temperature record as possible into the public domain. The office says it's confident that the data will show that global average land temperatures have risen over the past 150 years.