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11-30-2009, 09:31 AM
C-SPAN had Ned Helme, the president of Center for Clean Air Policy (ccap.org) on this morning talking about Climate Change. He's a lobbyist. He also got slammed by callers talking about Climategate, with only 2 friendly callers. He was in total denial and totally in the coolaid zone.

Things that were never brought up:
Who funds his lobbying firm?
The smoking gun of the source code
The New Zealand disclosure of tampered data there too
The 420+ journal articles not agreeing with the "global warming" theory
The article in this weeks edition of the Journal, "CLIMATE CHANGE" saying that cap and trade would lead to worldwide economic collapse
Why 3 of the correspondents, when asked individually about the "trick" to "fix" the data - they came up with 3 different answers.

soooo.... please contact Washington Journal and let them know you would like to see other guests on the show on this issue. Guests that represent BOTH sides of the debate, and ideally scientists and not lobbyists.

Email: journal@c-span.org

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cspanwj

Please also call in this week+ and bring up the issue.

Republicans: (202) 737-0001
Democrats: (202) 737-0002
Independents: (202) 628-0205
Outside U.S.: (202) 628-0184



11-30-2009, 10:04 AM
Worth the email! Thanks for the heads up!