View Full Version : What are you going to do to save the country?

06-05-2007, 08:43 PM
This friday, payday for me, here's what I'm doing:

First off, a small but useful donation at ronpaul08.com for about $25

Next, ordering about 10 yard signs to place in the medians of busy roads in my area from ronpaulhq.com

Then, going by kinko's and printing off flyers of my own that I can place in newspaper boxes around my neighborhood while i'm doing my weekend exercising (maybe even some of the ones off of ronpaulhq.com) and some of the other neighborhoods in my area.

And finally, other than showing my friends youtube videos and simply talking about Dr. Paul, I'm going to my local community college to post a flyer on each of their bulletins.

I can't stand by and watch my country be hijacked any longer ,and I hope you guys are with me. GL, have a good rest of the week.