View Full Version : Visually Distinctive and Unique Signs to get more attention

10-02-2007, 11:20 PM
I've been thinking lately how crowds at debates and such for Ron Paul have way more signs and things than some of the other candidates, and how the crowds for Ron Paul have been chanting Ron Paul Freedom, so it got me thinking, why not give more focus on unique signs and/or chants to get more attention from the media at these events?

Would it be possible to make a real long banner saying Ron Paul Freedom or to carry in American flags or other things like that making the Ron Paul supporters look more organized and unique, and therefore get Paul more media attention? I mean if its something that can be done, and won't get people in trouble then I think organizers need to really consider doing some things like that.

Some ideas I have had are carrying a banner in with the crowd at the front with Freedom wrote above Ron Paul below, and then have two people carrying two American flags behind those people, and have the crowd chanting Freedom Ron Paul. But whatever is easiest and best I mean I'm just kind of thinking out loud.

I think if its possible to do something out of the ordinary it absolutely should be done so that maybe it will be mentioned on television.

Another possible idea that would be a little harder to organize would be to have the people wear shirts either mainly red or mainly blue, and then alternate them in rows of red and blue in the crowd so that the crowd walking looks like red and blue stripes.