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11-11-2009, 09:53 AM
This is not helping, please get the word out, letter writing, fax and email sending is fine but DO NOT waste your money and put our organization in legal hot water by doing what is proposed in the following letter. I am going to ask her to funnel all such requests to me so she will not be bogged down and can fight the fight that needs to be fought in NC. That fight is to take back the NC House and Senate so we Republicans will not be redistricted out of having any chance to field any candidates at all. In other words, we are in serious peril of more of our districts being gerrymandered to the tune of the 12th. The redistricting will happen in 2011, so the 2010 election is key and that is the battle we are fighting. When we win, we can take the National seats, with the support of our NC Legislators behind us.

-----Thanks for your help in this matter.

From: Admin Northpal [mailto:admin@northpal.org]
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 3:58 AM
To: <snip>
Subject: The gutting of HR 1207 - The people are gonna be heard from

Dear <snip>;
My name is Joseph H***, I am just an ordinary American. As a concerned American,I am distressed by the actions of Congressman Mel Watt who represents the 12th district down your way. In particular, his role as Chairman of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee. Against the wishes of his employers (the people) he has sided with Fed and is working to gut substantial audit provisions from Dr.Ron Paul's HR 1207.

The bill Congressman Watt has sent to the full Financial Services Committee contains no audit of the Fed's monetary policy-making authority or transparency of the Fed's secret agreements with foreign central banks.

*Without these provisions, a so-called "audit" of the Fed would be worthless.*

Well I for one as well as millions of other Americans have had enough of this nonsense. Therefore I am taking action, and the most effective way I know of is to contact his constituents and make them aware the rest of America are watching, and we are not impressed. I am getting together a campaign called "Lend me your ears". The plan is to "voice blast" the district with a short informative message about what Congressman Mel Watt is engaged in. I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and have registered with National Do Not Call Registry as an exempt organization. So everything is legal, and I like others are going to enforce our rights.

Now if it makes a difference, I hope so, but all eyes are upon your state and your citizens. As you know the importance of this issue affects the very heart of America and future generations. And if our actions get a person such as Mel Watt come 2010 *FIRED, all *the better. Enough is Enough!

I will be soliciting donations from patriots via the internet. Trying to keep costs down to a minimum, and maximum bang for the buck. As you are well aware, many Americans are really hurting, too many. So I am using any means possible to minimize the cost.

This brings me to the purpose for my contacting you. The largest upfront expense is for phone lists, especially being such a precise target as your 12th district.
Now I know all political parties participate in 'get out the vote' soliciting by phone. I, America, our children, grandchildren, and future generations that follow make this request of you. Can you furnish any phone lists for the 12th district of North Carolina. If you can be of assistance I will make any and all assurances in any
form you desire stating the only purposes such assistance would be used for
is what has been discussed above.

Sincerely Yours;
Joseph H***

<<<<<<and my District Chair's response, which I support 100%>>>>>>

Mr. H***:

Thank you for your intentions, sir, but I am going to ask you to not follow through with your plans. Our district has a strategic election plan, and your plan is in direct conflict with ours. We appreciate your interest and your good will, but such phone blasts will not serve to help our plan and will actually harm our down ticket candidates.

BRCA 2002, commonly referred to as McCain-Feingold, prohibits our working with you and your organization in such a way. Straight-up and forward; it is illegal. We would be taking anonymous in-kind donations that would put you, your organization, your donors, me and my leadership team and our entire organization in sure legal peril and subject to prosecution.

Since you did not identify your organization or the area of the country from which you are operating, I can only assume that you are unfamiliar with the demographics of the NC 12th Congressional District. This is arguably one of the three most gerrymandered districts in the nation. The combined Republican and Independent vote, even with an extraordinarily heavy turnout, is not enough to overcome the Democrat vote. Since the 2000 redistricting, our best election result has been a 33% vote share. It is unlikely that we could reach beyond a 40% vote share.

Additionally, the funds required to reach that voter percentage in a sure no-win election, would take away from available funds for our local candidates. We have an extraordinarily strong slate of local candidates that we are preparing for a tough election cycle.

Mr. H***, one reason Rep Watt makes these votes is because he is in an absolutely safe district. He knows it. The current Speaker of the House knows it. The White House knows it. Our leadership team knows it.

Rather than focus your energy on an unwinnable race, I would ask your group to identify those swing districts, contact their district chairmen, and inquire about how your group can help to win those races.

Thank you for your inquiry and for your earnest intentions.


Marlynn B****
NC 12th U.S. Congressional District Republican Party