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11-10-2009, 02:25 PM
President Obama made significant stride s this week to take more control over our economy. His EPA moved forward on declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant. And a version of the House-passed cap and trade bill is now moving through the Senate. On Thursday the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee passed the Kerry-Boxer cap and trade bill despite the Republican boycott due to a lack of analysis of the bill’s impacts. How could this legislation take over our economy?

“The bills require a federal declaration of a “climate emergency” if world greenhouse gas levels reach 450 parts per million. Guess what? The Pacific Northwest National Lab says it is a virtual certainty that level will be reached within a few months. The bill then requires the president to “direct all Federal agencies to use existing statutory authority to take appropriate actions...to address shortfalls" in achieving needed greenhouse gas reductions.”(The Examiner)

It sets EPA up with a regulatory blank check to set federal building codes.
It creates the third largest commodities market in the world with governments in charge of the supply of that commodity and our income the source of the funding for it.

People often ask me why there is so much interest in reducing carbon dioxide if the world isn’t currently warming and these bills wouldn’t even reduce temperatures if it was. It can’t be “Green Jobs” because a cap and trade bill won’t increase wind and solar energy: even with carbon-based energies prices artificially inflated because of this bill, renewables still won’t be cost-competitive. Wind and sol ar still have to be propped up with subsidies. This bill is about Wall Street.

A must-read Goldman Sachs secret report obtained by the Breakthrough Institute makes this plain:

In a section titled "Carbon exchanges—build it, and they will (must) come to trade," it estimates the bill would grow the global carbon market to become one of the largest in the world, with trading volume of 175 to 263 million contracts per year –larger than the oil and gas markets combined and approximately the third largest commodity market in the world after U.S. interest rates and stock indexes. The analysts estimate the profit margin for financial firms resulting from this new carbon market could reach $2 billion per year globally.

The most powerful men in the world want to control the use of energy, the life-blood of the world’s prosperity. Alexander Hamilton said about the United States, though, “Here sir, the people govern." The question remains--will we continue to give our government the commanding heights of our economy?

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