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10-20-2009, 02:25 PM


PRLog (Press Release) Oct 20, 2009 By RJ Harris,

Tea Party Patriots and 912 Marchers have shown as much contempt for the GOP as they have the Democrats. Big Government Rep. Cole and Sen. Graham hold office under the Republican banner BUT these RINOs voted for the bailouts and stimulus packages. Insanely, Cole has even gone so far as voting for Obama's GIVE Act, turning all of our college students into involuntary servants to the state. Progressive Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is now attacking Ron Paul Republicans as a Real Threat to the bailout voting-big government cronies.

How are Graham and Cole going to convince the Tea Party Patriots and 912 Marchers to rally to the GOP? What have these Progressives inspired other than selling out their conservative principles to the rising tide of socialism rushing at us like a flood? Grassroots conservatives across America, inspired by Ron Paul and the Tea Party Movement have sounded the arrival of true Republican Liberty Candidates--Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh, Peter Schiff, Chris Simcox, RJ Harris and many more. A second "Grand Army of the Republic" has arrived and these Progressive Graham/Cole Republicans have been put on notice by their own Failure.

It's no wonder Graham and Cole are not invited to speak at Tea party Rally's while Ron Paul Republicans often are.

About your guest:

RJ Harris is a currently serving nineteen-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer, two-time Iraq War Veteran. U.S. Congressional Candidate Oklahoma's 4th District. Graduate in Philosophy at University of Oklahoma and second year law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. A Constitutional Conservative Republican and the first 912 Liberty Candidate in the nation. Appeared on Fox News' Freedom Watch twice with Judge Andrew Napolitano and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio programs across the country.