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10-20-2009, 12:54 PM
October 18, 2009
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A call to Congress for a Second Declaration of Independence

We must ask ourselves this question about globalism. Is it truly better for any country to fall into the grips of an international cabal where America and other nations have no chance of securing their own independence or to shape international policy that is fair for all?

As Americans, we must stand against tyranny, we must stand against the elitist group that represent the New World Order, the International Banking Systems known as the World Bank and the IMF, and the foreign organization called the United Nations, that together, has proven to be nothing more than a fraud and a breeding ground for organized crime, using the privatized central banking system, trade, food, taxes and pharma to name a few, to extort and control governments through various treaties and agreements, that ultimately leads to giving away our nations wealth, sovereignty and protection for the people, that they claim they are representing.

As Americans, we must stand against the root of the problem, the United Nations, and denounce its charters, constitutions, treaties and agreements where the democratic voting process is represented by who are tutored, then appointed into those positions. The seeds of despotism have already been sewn into the fabric of this great nation, and as Americans, it is our duty to take a stand for the future generations of this country and to begin throwing off the yokes of despotism and to begin protecting our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights of which together protects our nation, states and the American people from the grips of traitors and oppressors, foreign or domestic.

This is a call for all American citizens to stand against these evils and begin encouraging our government to declare the independence and the separation of the United States of America, from the New World Order, the United Nations and its agencies, and of the International Banking System...

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