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dr. hfn
10-14-2009, 02:56 AM
By Andrew Sharp, on Oct 13, 2009

There's no getting around it. New Mexico's Third District is huge! But that's why we're getting out there and covering it as much as possible.

During the past few days, campaign staff have hit the road to various parts of our beautiful, but extremely large district.

In the Four Corners region, Michael Maresco was out canvassing flea markets, talking to voters, and learning more about the culture and issues of that region. In particular, he got to spend some time with residents of a Navajo reservation. He even got invited to a house warming party near Shiprock!

At the same time, another team traveled from Taos, to Santa Fe, and then down to Albuquerque to reach out to Democratic voters and activists at local events that were being held. They also traveled with Adam to Clovis yesterday to attend some fundraising events that were being hosted by local supporters and volunteers.

Finally, Adam and a few other staffers will be in Portales tonight for the local GOP meeting there, and Tina and Michael will be in Rio Arriba for a similar event.

From the Four Corners, to Taos, to Santa Fe, to Rio Arriba, to Clovis, to Portales, this campaign is leaving no stone unturned in New Mexico's Third District!

Of course, we couldn't be traveling this much with out the generous support of our volunteers and donors. If you'd like to make sure we continue this breakneck pace of hitting the pavement and talking to voters, please visit our donation page (https://kokesh.netboots.net/contribute)and make a contribution to the campaign.

With your support, liberty will prevail!