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10-06-2009, 06:02 PM
Before you all have to be hospitalized its not Rand. lol To bad, he seemed to be on our side on most issues.



Crested Butte, CO - Luke Korkowski has withdrawn from the U.S. Senate race,
writing the following note to his supporters:

Thank you to the freedom-loving people who have been so encouraging to my
campaign for U.S. Senate. This experience has been wonderful, hard,
frustrating, exhilarating, challenging, and fun -- sometimes all at once.

Unfortunately, it is time to call this campaign to a close and to wish all
the best to the other Republicans in the race. We have some good and decent
folks competing for the Senate position, and Colorado is lucky to have such
a selection of choices. With your help, we'll see a solid conservative take
office in January 2011, and I strongly encourage you to stay engaged in the
race and to support your favorite candidate.

As for me, while this is the end of the Senate road, there are other
possibilities out there I may pursue. Each of us has the responsibility to
act within our sphere of competence to ensure that our country regains the
freedom we have lost. I will continue to do my part, whatever that may be. I
encourage you to do yours as well.

Let us not forget to adhere to some basic ideals and to insist that our
elected leaders do so as well:

-Our federal officials must adhere to and be bound by the text of the
Constitution. When they don't we have a tyrannical government of men, not
the rule of law.

-National governments exist to protect our rights to life, liberty, and
property. They have no other legitimate function.

-No sniveling. Being free means taking responsibility. If you don't like how
things are, get up and do something about it.

Thank you again for your support. Best of luck to the remaining Senate
candidates. And stay tuned for the next chapter in our struggle to be free!

Luke Korkowski

# # #
If you would like more information, please contact Rebecca Rose at the
number and address below. A pdf version of this press release is attached.

Contact: Rebecca Rose
Telephone: 970-275-0221
Email: rebecca@luke2010.com