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09-25-2009, 04:24 AM

And you think you've waited a long time for this day. Dr. Ron Paul has waited an entire 30-year career to have this moment. Let's establish a few preliminary facts. The hearings before the House Financial Services Committee chaired by Barney Frank will begin at 9 am, eastern time. Please read the following carefully.

HR 1207 To Audit the Fed has 295 co-sponsors, guaranteeing passage from the House.
Congressman Paul had never previously had more than 16 co-sponsors for similar bills he has introduced virtually every session since he arrived in Congress.
The senate companion bill has 28 co-sponsors, though Senator Bernie Sanders said yesterday that he is confident it will pass. Still, please take the time to contact your senator NOW.

The bill itself is 3 pages in length, beautiful in its simplicity. The stimulus bill was several thousand pages.

There are 2 scheduled witness: Scott Alvarez, General Counsel for the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, and Dr. Thomas Woods, jr. economist from The Mises Institute and disciple of the free-market Austrian School of Economics.
The evil Scott Alvarez's prepared testimony can be viewed HERE.
And the benevolent Dr. Thomas Woods' testimony can be viewed HERE.
The phone number for the office of Fed general counsel Alvarez is 202-452-3583.
Since Alzarez does NOT want you to know what the Fed does with YOUR MONEY, we think you should call his office repeatedly today and tell his assistant just how you feel about her rat bastard boss, and Fed transparency. His number again is 202-452-3583.

His number again, is 202-452-3583.

Ron Paul's new book, 'End The Fed' can be purchased HERE through Amazon for only $12.86. Help make it a #1 NY Times Bestseller by purchasing it NOW.
Dr. Paul's son, Dr. Rand Paul is running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. You may visit his website HERE. Make a donation for truth if you are able.
The video link for the hearing is HERE. I will be live-blogging the testimony.

09-25-2009, 05:02 AM

Look Who’s Testifying During Ron Paul’s HR1207 Hearing Tomorrow

September 24th, 2009 4:05 pm | by Marc Gallagher | Published in Big Government, Commentary, Economics, Federal Reserve, Ron Paul, Thomas Woods, congress | 2 Comments

Ron Paul is bringing a friend to Washington DC tomorrow to testify during the hearing on Paul’s HR.1207. Thomas Woods, author of “Meltdown“, is on the list of witnesses. The only other currently listed witness is Federal Reserve General Counsel Scott Alvarez. What an interesting combination this is going to be.

Alvarez is quoted in the Wall Street Journal today (from his prepared remarks):

Fed General Counsel Scott Alvarez, in testimony prepared for a Friday hearing, said legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives giving the Government Accountability Office greater leeway to examine the central bank could have a detrimental effect.

“These concerns likely would increase inflation fears and market interest rates and, ultimately, damage economic stability and job creation,” Alvarez said in the prepared remarks for the House Financial Services Committee hearing.

If I were on the Financial Services Committee I’d suggest to Alvarez that the Fed itself is the cause of economic instability and a full GAO audit will neither help nor hinder its “ability” to continue being the primary cause of economic instability. I’m sure Ron Paul and Tom Woods won’t hesitate to make this point.

It’s rare occasion when I can say this, but… this Financial Services Committee hearing is going to be fun.

09-25-2009, 07:05 AM
Heads up !!

Its on! =)