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09-17-2009, 07:26 PM

S 604 Petition Drop Makes Headlines on RT in NYC

Posted by DSciphire on 09/17/09 4:53 PM

YouTube - AUDIT the FED Making Headlines in NYC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuOUADIO0HY)

On Tuesday, September 15th, NYC CFL dropped off roughly 3,600 petitions gathered during CFL's mass action month to the Manhattan offices of Senator's Gillibrand & Schumer. Nearly two dozen folks turned out for the petition drop off displaying signs, passing out literature and educating the busy New Yorkers about the Fed. Russia Today (RT) was very eager to cover the story and was mighty thankful we had invited them but I must say, Russia Today, you are they who deserve the round of applause.

When we first arrived and began handing out flyers in front of Gillibrand's office, we were asked the usual questions by security; What are you doing here? What organization are you with? Can you get off the property? And so on. When the former question was answered, "To drop off petitions we have gathered in support of Gillibrand's call for transparency in government", the guard fought for the words and ways to let us know how we couldn't do so. I assured him that I had came down early last week to become informed of the protocol necessary to meet with our representative and we had full intentions of following those instructions to a T.

As we proceeded to the drop off point, the deliveries gate before 5p.m., a strange thing happened. The door was closing 35 minutes early to disallow our entrance. Silly me, I guess I volunteered too much information. We had to physically stop the gate from closing by positioning our bodies underneath it as we pleaded with the security guards. Obviously, these fine fellas were instructed to keep us at bay but we persisted under threat of police involvement. After all, it is private property paid for by our tax dollars but this is besides the point. Fortunately, the guard I received my instructions from the week prior was one of the two men just following orders and I had a chance to call him out on this matter. A slight fumble of tongue and a steady stream of recollected memories later, we were told a small handful of us could go in through the front door. Yes, the civilized way you radical Ron Paulers you.

We will update this thread later with a hidden camera view as this transpired.

In the End (the Fed), one of Gillibrand's staffers came down to explain why security is so high at this particular office and kindly accepted our petitions after we took him to school regarding the Fed. The drop at Schumer's office took a mere 5 minutes which just so happens to be a block away. A special thank you must go out to the NYC CFL group for your tenacity and dedication to this cause. You are a true example of how liberty takes over once that flame has been ignited.

Audit the Fed!