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09-17-2009, 10:57 AM
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Starting Small
Posted by CharleneN on 09/16/09 11:30 AM

It doesn't take much to make an impact on the politics in your community. If you've taken the Local Coordinator training, you've already taken a huge step to being an effective leader in your community. Local Coordinator training will equip you with the information and resources you need to make a difference.

We've often talked about the three areas of involvement: party involvement, issue involvement and running for office. Well, I've just taken the plunge and have become an office holder. Today I was appointed the Municipal Judge for Casselton. ND laws allow cities smaller than 5000 to have judges who are not attorneys. I am filling an unexpired term, so I will be running for election in June 2010.

This is a small position. I will only hear traffic and city ordinance violations (except for 3rd time DUIs.) Court is held two times a month and many times there are no cases to hear. But if anyone remembers the kerfuffle with David Habiger earlier this year, one aspect of his case (the junk cars in his yard) was decided in Casselton's municipal court. So no Kelo vs. New London cases, but maybe smaller, lesser known, Habiger-type cases.

This wasn't hard at all. In fact, it was embarrassingly easy. Casselton ran an ad in the paper, I responded and sent in a resume. Now remember, I am a SAHM. I haven't held a real job in 18 years. But I wrote up a resume that listed my political involvement and my community service (I volunteer at the library, local nursing home and have worked a lot in Cub Scouts.) Apparently this was good enough for our City Commission, because I got appointed without an interview, based solely on my resume and my reputation.

And now I'll have nine or ten months to further establish my reputation in the community before the next election. I'll also be going to training in Bismarck and be meeting and networking with others in the state and local municipal system. All of this is good experience and will make me more effective for future political races (mine or others I want to help along.)

So keep your eyes open. There are lots of boards, commissions and committees you can get appointed to. Some go begging to be filled and all will give you a door into the political process. If a homeschooling mom from rural ND can get appointed as a municipal judge, you can easily do the same or similar.

Start today by getting the Coordinator Training. And then attend local city or county council meetings, ask questions and find your place at the table.