View Full Version : Alright pauliticians, this is exactly what many of us have been saying

Dave Wood
09-28-2007, 03:01 PM

This is why these over the edge kooky ideas that RP/fans have are seen as over the edge and kooky.

This person in the video is BEGGING for clearification on RP issues so he can feel comfortable voting for him!

We need to consider something along the lines of an infomercial on sunday tv, not something cheesy just a get to know Ron Paul kinda thing so that he can clearly explain how these ideas will benefit and not hurt America.

One formula I learned long ago for marketing was a thing called the FBI`s

Feature, coffee maker has an auto-shutoff
Benefit It saves electricity, prolongs the life of the maker, and offers peace of mind.
Well I dont need to save electricity, and I dont care if I have to buy a new one
INCENTIVE Lets say you are in a rush for work one day and leave the coffee maker on, it gets ultra-hot and ignites the dish towel left next to it, you get a phone call around lunch time from your neighbors saying the fire dept says there is nothing that can be saved of your home. Now in hindsight, wouldnt it have been a better idea to get the one with the auto-shutoff?