View Full Version : The grassroots myspace marketing is working

09-28-2007, 12:06 AM
I just got this in my inbox: :)

" I noticed from his profile that you are a friend of Ron Paul. SO AM I!!! I am a grassroots volunteer doing everything I can to get the freedom message out. The campaign has a goal of raising $500,000 online in 7 days, before the end of the quarter on September 30. Guess what, we are going to surpass that goal! And the mainstream media is going to have to eat it!!! We still have 3 days left and we're already almost at 500k. We want to make the mainstream media lower their heads in shame at their previous claims that Ron Paul has no support, SO WE ARE TRYING FOR A MILLION NOW!! If you haven't visited www.ronpaul2008.com lately, go right now and make a donation! It doesn't matter if it's $5 or $100!! Whatever you can give.

It's so fun donating and watching the counter. I would say it's actually addicting. Go to the www.ronpaul2008.com right now and you can watch the counter go up every couple of minutes with every donation! When you make your you'll see your name on the screen! This is so exciting! We have to take our country back. Tell everyone you know to donate. It's so important that we have a huge showing in the bank at the end of the quarter. No more will they tell us that we're just a bunch of spammers on the internet!! Tell everyone you know to go donate now!! Support Ron Paul! For the Constitution! For freedom! For Liberty!!Thanks for your time!


RON PAUL 2008!!!! "