View Full Version : EMAIL YOUR MEETUP GROUP! We need to hit $1 million in 7 days!

09-27-2007, 04:23 PM
I know many people got the Ron Paul $1million email but we need to re-emphasize this! We can't delay! We have 3 days to hit this goal and we can do it but we need EVERYONE to participate.

I just sent this email out my meetup organizer, feel free to use this or something like it! We have to get that extra push to $1 million. Sometimes when someone is contemplating opening their wallet, all they need is that final nudge to realize they are doing the right thing! Let's give that last Q3 push and hit that goal!

================================================== ========
Subject: Ron Paul challenge to hit $1million! WE MUST DO THIS!

We need to reiterate the challenge of hitting $1 million!

$1 million raised in ONE WEEK, is amazing! It would generate millions of dollars worth of free press! We need to shock the mainstream media and let them know Ron Paul is not an internet curiosity, but a serious candidate. This $1 million challenge is EXACTLY the vehicle to PROVE THIS POINT!

It's time to be taken seriously by the media, it's time for the masses to know about Ron Paul, and when they see Ron Paul can raise $1 million IN SEVEN DAYS, they will realize Ron Paul BELONGS with the top tier candidates and is a legitimate candidate to become the next President of the United States of America!

All of our volunteer efforts with banners, rallies, sign waving, all of these efforts are fantastic, but giving Ron Paul the spotlight with the Mainstream Media for being able to raise a million dollars in a WEEK (outdoing John Edwards goal of $1 million in 10 days) has the effect of blasting his name to more people across the country then ever before!

This is our chance to shine the spotlight on Dr. Ron Paul over Hillary, Obama, Rudy, Mitt and Fred. We can give Ron Paul that spotlight IF WE help him achieve this goal!

Let's do this! GIVE NOW! In 4 days Ron Paul raised over $500K (the day is not over yet and he's already at $537K at 6:30pm EST), we have 3 days to get him to this goal!

Ron Paul is reaching these goals without ANY MONEY FROM BIG MONEY LOBBYISTS! Unlike the other candidates who get money from their own deep pockets or pander to big money companies, Ron Paul gets his money from YOU AND ME!

The fact that he can raise so much money from grassroots is ASTOUNDING and sends a powerful message across the nation, RON PAUL IS THE PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE!

For the next 3 days lets combine our efforts and together we can do this! Give OUR candidate the spotlight! Donate now! Let's reach $1million!!