View Full Version : Open encouragement to Chuck Adkins AKA "Paloeo Pat"

07-26-2009, 09:12 AM
Back story:

Chuck Adkins AKA Paleo Pat is (was) a frequent poster at FreedomsPhoenix.com. He also has (had) a cool blog up at politicalByline.blogspot.com. Well Pat (Chuck) writes from the heart and he seems like a really genuine person but he got into a spat with the publishers (including Ernie Hancock) and at one point threatened to call the FBI on us.

And we just went to town on him. Especially me. I just can't resist a chance like that to lampoon somebody so I pulled out all the stops. I pulled every skeleton out of my closet and made them dance. I started out being trying to be nice but once I got going I just couldn't stop myself. I got a literary license to kill and I used it. I mean, come on. The irony of "reporting" us to the FBI is just dripping. Every author at FreedomsPhoenix including myself is already on every watch list ever invented. We're just very highly public dissident personas. We're very public and very outspoken. Like "they" don't know about us? And we are merciless on each other. FreedomsPhoenix is where the big dogs run. We don't pull punches.

You can see the whole sh*t storm here:

But this morning I see the kid pulled his whole blog down. And I'm like dang, the guy must really be upset.

The encouragment:

Adkins, I don't know how to say this after 50 odd pages of ripping you to shreds, but you are not a bad guy and your blog was pretty good. And please don't take us so seriously because while we're dedicated activists, we all have these bent senses of humor so a lot of what we do could be interpreted as hurtful but we're all just basically goofing around. If you are seriously going to report us to the FBI, well, that would certainly give you something to blog about and listen, stuff like this goes on all the time so I wouldn't worry about burning any bridges or anything. No damage has been done that a shot and a beer won't fix as far as I can tell. We are sort of curious as to what you want to tell the FBI but I figure we can just wait and see. I mean I figure I'll wait and see because Ernie and those guys are used to getting visits from federal agents and government officials. See, they RATE. Me, I get nothing. After all these years, not so much as one "sneek and peek". Not even the cops pay any attention to me, it's like I don't exist. You'd think the police state would want to repress me and violate my rights but no. I think I got a speeding ticket like 20 odd years ago. But I was a kid then and I liked driving fast. So do you, kid. Apparently. Just take it easy is all. Put your blog back up. Put this all behind you. Have a sense of humor, it will serve you well.