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09-25-2007, 05:47 PM
The gigglers had their chance to insult the Good Doctor. They had a public and nationally televised forum to do so, and do so they did. In what was obvious to all of us as a premeditated coordinated strategy using the debate forum and the media outlets they set forth the memes they would use to marginalize the rising threat of the New Republicans. They would laugh, say the words "crazy" and "loon", and they would do anything but debate the ideals and statements directly. The gigglers had their chance and the gigglers got their time. And as we would expect from the bigger man, Dr. Paul has been the bigger man. He's stuck to the issues and stuck to relaying a positive pro-American message of honesty and realism. Shining like a light in the darkness the Good Doctor has brought forth the exact methods the American people are expecting but not receiving from their politicians.

And now, it's his turn. Does Dr. Paul lament at the obviously skewed "official" polling numbers? No, he knows that his support is real and is being ignored intentionally. Does Dr. Paul protest the mistreatment and concerted marginilization efforts being used against him? No, he knows that the right thing to do is to maintain honesty and integrity regardless of the attacks. Does Dr. Paul sit back like a pacifist and take it?


Good Dr. No simply has his team put up the real poll right on his website for all of his competition to see. The one poll that matters above all else, because they cannot hide or lie about it. Not even near the end of day 2 we sit at nearly $300,000 in donations. By the time I get home from work (6ish PST) I can imagine at this rate it will have hit that mark or be very close. He has shown us all that no matter what the media does (or does not do), no matter what lies or misconceptions are spread, and no matter how hard they fight to stop the message of true liberty and the awakening of the American people to the cold hard facts they cannot deny the power of the American people's right to choose. And more empowering, they cannot stop the flow of information reaching the minds of Americans who are looking to hear the truth and how we can restore the values and prosperity of both the Republican party and the Republic itself.

Ron Paul knew that if he stood tall we would do the rest. If they refuse to give him air time, a fair forum, or even an honest debate then we are more than happy to compensate. In his own subtle way Dr. No has laughed right back! And for this I'm proud to be a supporter of a real honest to goodness honest politician. Darn proud and laughing with him as I imagine the astonished and terrified looks on the faces of confounded neocons and corporate owned candidates. Terrified that right before them the very people are laughing back, invigorated and energized by the very abuses they thought would bury the Good Doctor.

And I know you all share my excitement as well. I would ask you to remember one simple fact, one shining truth in this whole game. They can lie about the numbers, they can make false statements about obvious truths, they can insult and condescend to try to maintain their hold on the mind share of their deceived followers.

They can lie about the polls but they cannot lie about our donations.

It's up to us. And make sure that message is crystal clear when discussing the situation with everyone.


God Bless and happy donatin'! Race ya for the last spot!



09-25-2007, 06:06 PM
Okay, now I'm in love with you too ;) I love these inspiring posts! Just don't tell my husband.

09-25-2007, 06:08 PM
Nice post. Whenever I hear the other canidates laughter or Hannity, Levin, or Stephenopolis say something shitty, or some obnoxious blogger spew something stupid about Nazis rallies, all I think about is how much I'm going to enjoy all the news shows and radio shows and blogs on November 5th 2008. I think about them all having to call him President Ron Paul, and I smile.

09-25-2007, 06:50 PM
Okay, now I'm in love with you too ;) I love these inspiring posts! Just don't tell my husband.



09-25-2007, 07:55 PM
Ok so - I got home and had a light dinner (tuna sammich and easy mac, it's cheap night tonight). I was giggling because we just broke $270,000! So I sit down and throw my laptop on my lap in between that time and now.

$280,000 and still moving up. John Edwards has had his up for 5 days and barely broke $400k. I'm giggling ... giggling at you Rudy!