View Full Version : Tom Cryer Attorney that beat the IRS endorses RetakeCongress.com

07-20-2009, 01:33 PM
Tom Cryer joins Rand Paul and G. Edward Griffin to endorse www.retakecongress.com

"Find your hind legs, America, stand up so you can reach that red lever and throw the bums out. Retake Congress and retake your country. It's Retake or be taken. Choose wisely." Tom Cryer

Our Congress? I don't know about you, but if it is our congress, then why do 95% of Americans believe that Congress does not represent the will of the people? If they do not represent our will, then are we receiving the benefit of our Constitutionally guaranteed republican form of government? Are we being subjected to laws to which we have not consented because those who purport to represent us do not? Are we being taxed without representation?

Just as crucial is the answer to the question, if Congress is not representing us, then whom do they represent? The answer: Anyone who promises to provide them with more power and more wealth, one at the expense of our liberty and the other at the expense of our prosperity.

So, unless we, the ultimate power, the PEOPLE, jerk Congress' chain hard enough to bring it back to heel all we can expect, and, perhaps, all we deserve, is slavery and poverty. No other country in the world that I know of has the opportunity to replace every member of one house of its legislative branch and a third of the other every 24 months. No other country in the world provides an ultimate veto power to the people in the form of a jury empowered to ignore any law that produces injustice or intrudes upon our liberty.

Those two vetoes are our most neglected national treasures, our most abused and wasted natural resource. Our choices are reduced to two, change or chains. We must change our congressmen with the same frequency that we change our babies' diapers, and for the same reason. We have no doubt elected many well-intended and honest men and women to Congress, but it is doubtful that we have re-elected many because by the time they are up for re-election they have been reformed by the pressures of a corrupt and megalomaniacal peerage. Peerage in the traditional sense, because our representatives have come to think of themselves as our aristocracy, not our servants.

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