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Bradley in DC
09-25-2007, 06:47 AM


Vote Paul for personal freedom
Tom Stiles, Warner

For the Monitor

September 25. 2007 12:16AM

For more than 220 years, U.S. soldiers have fought and died to protect the freedom intended in the Constitution. Do you feel that every day you are confronted with illegitimate personal and business federal regulation? U.S. Rep. Ron Paul serves to eliminate excessive government restrictions to our liberty and reinstate the powers enshrined in the Constitution to "we the people."

Dr. Ron Paul honors our Constitution as supreme law. The following positions distinguish him as a true statesman: voted no to the unconstitutional Iraq War Resolution; voted no to the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act; voted no to the National ID card; supports restoring legitimate monetary policy; opposes nation building; supports an open and free internet; opposes NAFTA, GATT, SPP, CAFTA, and the WTO as threats to independence; opposes torture, Guantanamo Bay and extraordinary rendition; opposes the Veterans Disarmament Act (House Bill 2640); contests federal agencies created contrary to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution as a violation of the Bill of Rights 10th Amendment.

Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for President, will work to restore the foundations of state sovereignty, personal freedom and self-determination.

Check the record. Join the revolution.


09-25-2007, 09:52 AM
Hey, it sounds like this guy would make a great president.