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07-03-2009, 11:03 PM
Dont EVER forget why this country was formed and the goals that we are striving for. Have a happy 4th guys.


07-03-2009, 11:42 PM
Happy 4th!

Wrote a poem for tomorrow. I recorded it on youtube cause it's better heard than read I think.

YouTube - New Sons of Liberty - Happy 4th of July! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7I16PSexQ8)

Here's the text though...

New Sons of Liberty

New sons of liberty,
your step-father mocked you,
your mother betrayed you,
and your father is long dead.
Your shield is cracking
and you have no sword
to fight against
their army
of oppressors.
Weak in number,
you struggle
to find each other in
this new-age haze;
but, youíre so spread about
like the Maginot Line
picked off
one by one.
Your ancestral land,
spoiled and salted,
is slipping
into greedy hands.
Your ancient things,
inherited things,
the possessions of your father,
are locked away and never seen.

New sons of liberty,
there is a time to shed tears
and there is a time to shed blood.
Roll away the tombstone
and recover your fatherís courage.
Rise above and see.
Find one another, unite.
Feed each other, grow strong.
Sweat together and fight.
To hell with the smiling faces,
open palms,
empty promises.
Donít forget their lies,
screw compromise.
Donít be fooled by
their tricks,
Look behind the curtain.

New sons of liberty,
Old man Oz,
he ainít dead.
This ainít no
conspiracy theory.
Heís reincarnated
as Republican
as Democrat
as Bush
as Obama
as money
as debt
as Paulson
as Geithner
as oil
as banks
as Rockerfeller
as Morgan
as Rothschild
as Warburg
as Haass
as Bernanke
as many more names to come.
New sons of liberty.