View Full Version : Another Lady Stumbling through a script

06-26-2009, 12:31 PM
This was painful to listen to...again. I got the call this morning.

This lady started out talking about Ron Paul to warm me up, which was fine (Ron Paul wanted me to call you...) ...But then she had to stumble through this script about cap and trade and losing jobs and healthcare and she wouldn't stop. UGH. About a minute in (I was REALLY busy at work) I finally told her, YEAH, I know about it, I saw the email, and I called my congressman.

She said, "Oh...OK...Great..Bye."

The sad thing is, I wanted her to stop reading and seriously ask her, "Do you believe in what your reading? Or are you honestly one of the people who's excited about ObamaCare?"

I have a feeling she would freeze like a deer in headlights or just keep rambling.

I haven't donated to CFL for a while, and with these terrible scripts or terribly read scripts I don't want my money going to this kind of expense.

Lord Xar
06-26-2009, 12:59 PM
I hate to say this, but from my experience -- they are using a broker business that uses "not so bright" people who are just looking to collect a check. No enthusiasm, mediocre command of the language, etc... I wasn't into it.