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05-27-2009, 09:58 PM
So my dh has a job interview in Madison coming up. Although he thinks he'd like the job, and we be within a 4-6 hour drive from family (right now we are days away), we have serious reservations about WI. The home education laws are okay (not the best in the nation, not the worst). However the NAIS movement there make me very leery (we do not believe in chipping any animals....and would not chip our dog). We also have heard not so stellar reports about open hostility toward those holding conservative religious views as well as seeing the report about tracking cars without warrants. These give us great pause about the state.

So, those in WI, how bad is it? We want to live in the country, but within a drive of the city. We are probably most concerned with the NAIS problem and how that could affect us in the future.

If you live in WI, would you stay if you had a choice? Is there any chance for reason to prevail at their state level? And, oh btw, how bad are the taxes? We do not pay any income tax right now and currently rent (though owned 4 different homes in a decade in various states), so realize that will be a shock too. If dh was offered the position, we'd likely want to build, and wonder how bad the government is there about property rights, etc.


12-23-2009, 01:44 PM
finally able to respond; I'm a regular on dailypaul, and it's down right now; I was intrigued when I saw the WI site--

I live up north, but I do visit Madison now and again, and I think it's a delightful place.

Here is MY opinion:

I am a family conservative; in other words, homeschool and pro-babies . . .

however, in most other ways I am highly libertarian--

I am a Christian, though, so that might color things.

I, too, am concerned about the chips--

I moved here from what was considered a very 'conservative' state (red?)--

and 'people' there "warned" me about WI: "oh, it's SO liberal!"--

well, in the conservative state the homeschool laws were much more lenient, but home educators were ALWAYS fighting to keep them that way; we were under constant attack--

crime was higher there, especially violent--

it was such a 'family-friendly' place, and yet my children weren't as safe; we had to build a fence around our backyard, constantly having things stolen--had a peeping tom and a stalker--

and we lived in a 'good' neighborhood--

this was common in that 'conservative' state--

so . . .

I lived in WI 30 years ago and loved it; the people are MUCH friendlier here--
no comparison.

Yes, the taxes are higher.

But we feel 100% safer in our neighborhood. The neighbors are NOT snoopy . . . but people take care of each other.

Never had a thing stolen, and we've left things out all night; that would have been an invitation back in our old, more 'conservative' state--

here I have met a lot of libertarians. I have met a LOT of pro-family types. People love home education and don't persecute home educators here as they did in my more home school friendly state--

yes, it is ironic--

very ironic . . .

So, in Wisconsin, higher taxes, and people from more 'conservative' states will tell you 'we' are a 'bad place to live', but I haven't seen it.

Feel safer--

No more police here than in the more conservative state. Fact is, I think that there were a lot more neoconservatives there and a lot more of the old-fashioned 'liberals' here--

I am choosing to stay here. I am happier here, high taxes notwithstanding. It's worth it for the higher quality of life.

in some ways this is like little or new scandinavia--

not bad places to live, but socialistic in form--

I've heard of fewer CPS nightmares here by far than in our former 'conservative' state--

we laugh about the bad 'rap' WI gets--

and think, 'well, if that keeps the sorts of conservatives we had back in __________ out, fine'--

that said, I honestly don't think there is a perfect place.

The state we used to live in had some outrageous violations of human rights, the sort that should never happen in America--

nothing like that here within the past three decades--

yes, there have been scary criminals here (especially in Milwaukee), but in our old neighborhood in our former state there were murders and rapes--


I notice you posted months ago, so you might not see this--

I wouldn't let hearsay keep you away--

I love this place--

And, for what it's worth, I think that neighbors are more respectful of property rights here--

as for laws . . .

I didn't see fewer back there--

01-16-2010, 05:43 PM
high taxes, stay away from cities, madison and milwaukee are the most liberal places, madison has really nice public schools, property taxes are out of control, is leaning more and more liberal every year, governor is an idiot, i would say it is in the middle of the states for freedom, it's a really nice place and wisco people have excellent values and morals

low preference guy
01-16-2010, 07:18 PM
So my dh has a job interview in Madison coming up.

What is DH?

03-04-2010, 07:56 AM

03-04-2010, 08:29 AM
What is DH?

DH tends to be an abbreviation for "dear husband" on most forums. :)