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Officials gave Bilderberg briefings
By: Kenneth P. Vogel
May 26, 2009 03:55 AM EST

A handful of high-ranking Obama administration officials this month delivered private briefings at the annual invitation-only conference held by an elite international organization known as the Bilderberg group.

The closed meeting of some of the most powerful business, media and political leaders in North America and Western Europe heard from top Obama diplomats James Steinberg and Richard Holbrooke, who detailed the administration’s foreign policy, while economic adviser Paul Volcker, chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, also gave a presentation at the heavily guarded seaside resort in Greece that hosted the event.

The Bilderberg group, which takes its name from the Dutch hotel where it held its first meeting in 1954, exists solely to bring together between 100 and 150 titans of politics, finance, military, industry, academia and media from North America and Western Europe once a year to discuss world affairs.

Its ultra-exclusive roster of globally influential figures has captured the interest of an international network of conspiracists, who for decades have viewed the Bilderberg conference as a devious corporate-globalist scheme.

This year’s closed-press meeting, held at the five-star Astir Palace hotel in Vouliagmeni on the Aegean Sea about 25 miles south of Athens, marked the 57th gathering of the opaque organization.

The publicity-shy Bilderberg group – which in a rare mass-circulation press release last year described itself as “a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced” – has no website and participants are asked not to publicly discuss the proceedings.

But a meeting attendee tells POLITICO that Holbrooke, a State Department special envoy, briefed attendees on the Obama administration’s unified approach to dealing with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Steinberg, the deputy secretary of state, gave a presentation on the administration’s broader foreign policy and National Security Agency Director Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander also participated in the conference.

An assistant to Volcker said she did not know the subject of his presentation at this year’s meeting. A White House official stressed that Volcker is not a full-time employee and wasn’t representing Obama in Greece. The White House, State Department and NSA did not respond to questions about whether Alexander, Holbrooke and Steinberg – all repeat Bilderberger attendees – were representing the Obama administration at the meeting and whether tax dollars paid for their travel.

Steinberg, it should be noted, was in the region on official business for talks with officials from Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro, on the eve of Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to other Balkan states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia.
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Though Bilderberg tends to attract mostly former U.S. government officials, it’s not uncommon for sitting officials to attend.

Bilderberg stalwart Henry Kissinger, who’s attended more than half of its meetings, reportedly went at least twice during his stint as Secretary of State, while Alexander attended last year’s session as NSA director. In 2004, then-Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) attended the Bilderberg conference in Stresa, Italy, and both TIME magazine and the New York Times reported that his performance at a debate there played a role in his selection one month later as the vice presidential running mate for Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

But any suggestion that Bilderberg is secretly anointing world leaders or plotting global policy is the provenance of “the black helicopter crowd,” the attendee of this year’s conference told POLITICO.

The meetings are “one of the least well-kept secrets in the world” and “don’t have any decision-making authority,” said the attendee, who did not want to be identified breaching Bilderberg’s off-the-record rule. The attendee called Bilderberg “a useful group of people who are well-connected and thoughtful who put on these meetings and usually invite a few people from the [U.S.] administration to come so they understand what the administration is doing.”

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, who attended the 2007 and 2008 Bilderberg meetings and until recently sat on the steering committee that picked invitees, did not respond to a request for comment about how invitees are selected.

Other American participants at this year’s conference included World Bank President Robert Zoellick, billionaire Bilderberg regular David Rockefeller, academic Barnett Rubin and leading neoconservatives Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, according to the attendee, who added that Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis and Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis also attended.

British press confirmed that top U.K. official Peter Mandelson was there.

Representatives of Obama economic advisor Larry Summers and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – both of whom have participated in past Bilderberg meetings – refuted foreign press reports predicting their presence last weekend.

Geithner was in New York, said Treasury spokeswoman Heather Wong. “I don’t know how that [Bilderberg rumor] got out there. I had some foreign press calls asking me where he was last weekend, but I didn’t have any domestic calls.”

Indeed, the gathering produced barely a blip in the American mainstream media, with the only notable dispatches coming from a Wall Street Journal reporter who was barred entry to the usually publicly accessible Astir Palace hotel, and an Associated Press reporter who noted that it was being protected by “hundreds of police, navy commandos, coast guard speedboats and two F-16 fighter planes.”

As in past years, the near-absence of mainstream media coverage left Bilderberg-veil-piercing duties to a group of self-styled Bilderberg hunters whose reporting and speculation fill fringe, libertarian-leaning websites, newspapers and AM radio shows popular with those whose worldview is characterized by a deep and angry suspicion of the ruling class rather than any prevailing partisan or ideological affiliation.

“Leaked Agenda: Bilderberg Group Plans Economic Depression,” blared a headline early this month on the popular website Infowars, which is run by syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones.

The story was based on reporting by veteran Bilderberg sleuth Daniel Estulin, whose sources told him Bilderbergers were torn between whether to initiate “a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty … or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.”

Estulin, the author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” claims to have infiltrated Bilderberg, and he told POLITICO that “in the end, the shorter-intense crowd within the Bilderbergers won out and so we’re going to be looking at a year, a year-and-a-half of really intense financial meltdown.”

Estulin, who was the first to report the precise location of Bilderberg 2009 (though in late 2007 he also reported that U.S. intelligence was considering assassinating Texas GOP Congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul), declined to email POLITICO a copy of the pre-meeting booklet on which his story was based.

Both Estulin and Jim Tucker, another veteran Bilderberg hunter, insisted that Geithner—who Infowars reported was “to take orders from global elite at Bilderberg”—attended this year’s conference.

Tucker, who edits the nationalist American Free Press newspaper, traveled to Greece to report on last weekend’s Bilderberg meeting. He says he’s been on the sidelines of about 30 of the meetings. At this year’s event, two of his reporters were confronted by the Greek Navy when they rented a boat to try to take photographs of beachside Bilderbergers from the sea, he said.

“They don’t want the world to know how they’re planning our lives,” Tucker contended. “Obama is Bilderberg’s obedient little boy. He’ll follow orders.”

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Propaganda in the American Free Press Newspaper and a Warning to Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty
Documentary evidence proving that the American Free Press newspaper is: (1) biased (2) has an anti-Jewish agenda and (3) knowingly publishes false information to advance that agenda.by Andy Wilcoxson
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The American Free Press holds itself up as a "populist weekly newspaper that reports what the mainstream media will not." The articles it publishes promoting Ron Paul have given it currency among some people involved in the liberty movement. However, the publishers of the American Free Press possess an agenda that undermines the very cause of liberty they pretend to support.

The American Free Press, by its own admission, is biased and it knowingly publishes false information in order to advance an anti-Semitic agenda. To understand the rest of this article you'll need to read my correspondence with the American Free Press as well as the articles under discussion. So here's a link to the relevant documentation.

As you can see, the thesis of Vivian Bird's article is that the World Jewish Congress's 1933 campaign to boycott Germany caused the Nazi animosity towards the Jews. The headline of the article is literally "Animosity Created by WJC Declaration of War' Against Germany".

In the letter I wrote on behalf of my local chapter of the Campaign for Liberty, I accused the American Free Press of knowingly publishing false information. I argued that Ms. Bird's article can not be true because Mein Kampf (published 1926) as well as the 1920 Nazi/NSDAP platform demonstrate Nazi animosity towards Jews long before the World Jewish Congress's 1933 campaign to boycott Germany. Therefore, the 1933 boycott can not be the cause of the Nazi animosity.

In their response, the American Free Press conceded that the Nazis had "antipathy" towards the Jews in the 1920s because they blamed them for Germany's defeat in World War I. In spite of their knowledge of Nazi enmity towards the Jews before 1933, the American Free Press still published Vivian Bird's article claiming that the Nazi hatred of the Jews was *created* by the World Jewish Congress campaign of 1933 -- even though they knew it wasn't. They knowingly published false information.

The American Free Press's decision to knowingly publish false information can only be explained by a desire to lead their readers to the wrongheaded conclusion that the Jews deserved, or at least provoked, the treatment they suffered under the Nazi regime -- treatment which was wholly incompatible with the principles of individual liberty advocated by Ron Paul.

The second article I discussed in my letter to the American Free Press was entitled "White Guilt & the Black Slave Trade". The thesis of that article was that the "White race" needn't feel guilty about slavery because Jewish traders brought the slaves here.

I accused the American Free Press editorial staff of making an appeal to racism by excluding Jews from the so-called "White race," wrongly singling them out, and implying that they were uniquely sinister people whose ethno-religious affiliation played a role in the participation of certain individuals in the slave trade.

I explained the Campaign for Liberty's belief in individual liberty and individual accountability, and the American Free Press responded in a candid manner. They stated their position clearly: they are "fundamentally opposed to multiculturalism and racial integration" and believe that "Jewish people have been active as a cohesive group in countries since before Greece and have always demanded special treatment."

The American Free Press confirmed my worst suspicions. They fervently believe that Jewish people are a "cohesive group" who act with a common sinister purpose. It is precisely that kind of delusional thinking that led to the wholesale violations of liberty and the horrific crimes perpetrated against the Jews by the Nazi regime.

Although the American Free Press promotes Ron Paul in some of its articles, it clearly does not share his belief in individual liberty; seeking instead to lay collective blame on the Jewish people for the alleged acts of a few Jewish individuals.

In addition to confirming my allegations that they possess an anti-Semitic agenda and that they knowingly publish false information in order to advance that agenda, they confirmed another point that my letter didn't even accuse them of: editorial bias.

In a pathetic attempt to lay a rhetorical trap for me (and for the record I reject Holocaust denial) the American Free Press boasted that it gave "favorable coverage" to a "primary Holocaust denier". Not impartial or fair coverage -- *favorable* coverage.

By its own admission, the American Free Press is biased. It openly promotes an agenda of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism and it unapologetically publishes false information in the pursuit of that agenda. It is a racist propaganda newspaper that is even worse than the "mainstream media" it decries.
AFP Highlights a Paradox Faced by the Liberty Movement

Unfortunately, the event that precipitated my correspondence with the American Free Press was the distribution of their newspaper at my local chapter of the Campaign for Liberty. Once I brought the contents of the newspaper to the attention of the group we banned the paper pending their response to my accusations (we will make a final decision at our next meeting).

The mission of the Campaign for Liberty is to "promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity." You will note that the promotion of Holocaust denial and racism are NOT part of the Campaign for Liberty's mission.

Individual liberty includes the right to free speech, including conspiracy theories and offensive speech. The liberty-minded individual is obliged to defend the right of the conspiracy theorist, the racist, and even the Holocaust denier to speak their piece, even though he may vehemently disagree with their views, and even though such views will almost certainly offend the intellectual and moral sensibilities of most people. For its defense of the right to unpopular speech, the liberty movement tends to attract people with unpopular, offensive, and sometimes crazy ideas.

The Campaign for Liberty is faced with a paradox. It can not achieve its mission if it lacks credibility, and it won't have credibility if its members are seen as an assortment of racists, Holocaust deniers, and crackpots -- and a sure way to gain that reputation is to distribute literature such as the American Free Press.

Although it seems counter-intuitive to the liberty-minded individual, purging the Campaign for Liberty of undesirable members and banning the distribution of certain literature at Campaign for Liberty meetings might be necessary to create a viable liberty movement.

The First Amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The First Amendment is binding upon Congress, and the Campaign for Liberty isn't Congress. The Campaign for Liberty is obliged to defend the right of the conspiracy theorist, the White supremacist, and even the communist to speak and to publish literature without being harassed by the Government, but it is under no constitutional or moral obligation to provide any of those people with a forum to speak or distribute their literature from.

The Campaign for Liberty has the same right to restrict participation and speech in its meetings as a church, a business, or any other private organization.

Racists and Holocaust deniers have an agenda that has nothing to do with the Campaign for Liberty's mission. They are exploiting the movement that sprung up around Ron Paul to promote their own agenda.

Willis Carto, the gentleman from the American Free Press who responded to my letter, has a 50 year history of promoting Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. He doesn't believe in the same libertarian principles as Ron Paul, if he did he wouldn't defend the Nazi regime and promote the idea of collective Jewish guilt. All he sees in the liberty movement is a group of people that he can exploit for his own purposes.

People, especially racists, who attach themselves to the liberty movement in order to promote an agenda other than the cause of liberty, undermine the movement. They draw attention away from the real issues, they provide political ammunition to those opposing the movement, and they drive good people away from the movement. Would you feel comfortable inviting a Black person or a Jewish person to a Campaign for Liberty meeting where the American Free Press was being handed out? I don't think so.

The obvious solution is to expel people who promote a racist agenda from the Campaign for Liberty, and to ban their literature from Campaign for Liberty functions. Although libertarians abhor censorship and exclusion, there is nothing noble about dying in battle because we fell on our own sword. It is foolish to turn the masses against us because we're afraid to lose the support of a racist fringe element.

As far as I'm concerned, the White supremacists and the Holocaust deniers can all go to Hell. If we don't purge them from our ranks they will become the public face of the Campaign for Liberty and they will destroy the movement. You can bet your bottom dollar that C4L's opposition will make sure those people are in the spotlight when it comes to media coverage. The media will be drawn to the racist in our midst like a moth to a flame. This will color the public's perception of the movement; it will isolate the Campaign for Liberty and turn it into a political liability for the causes and candidates it supports.

The overwhelming majority of Campaign for Liberty members abhor racism, but the American Free Press embodies a racist element that unfortunately does exist. We can not afford to burry our heads in the sand and pretend like this doesn't exist. It does exist and we need to eliminate it -- otherwise the movement has no future.http://www.nolanchart.com

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Everybody DIGG this crucial article!

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Indeed, the gathering produced barely a blip in the American mainstream media, with the only notable dispatches coming from a Wall Street Journal reporter who was barred entry to the usually publicly accessible Astir Palace hotel, and an Associated Press reporter who noted that it was being protected by “hundreds of police, navy commandos, coast guard speedboats and two F-16 fighter planes.”

Who provided the F-16s?

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AFP’s editor crashed the secret meeting of the global elite and uncovered some scary schemes

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bilderberg boys are a bunch of grumpy old men but remain fiercely dedicated to usurping sovereignty in the United States and throughout the world. Patriots can celebrate their setbacks but never let up: Bilderberg still threatens the sovereignty of all nations while fighting for world government.

Major goals remain exploiting the global recession and an imaginary “swine flu pandemic” to establish global departments of treasury and health under the United Nations. But at the May 14-17 meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece, near Athens, Bilderberg took a keen interest in persuading the United States to surrender sovereignty to the International Criminal Court, or ICC.

Bilderberg is also setting up a “summit” in Israel June 8-11 so “the world’s leading regulatory experts” can “address the current economic situation in one forum,” said Zohar Goshen, chairman of a subgroup of the International Association of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). Mary Shapiro, chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will represent this country.

Bilderberg found President Obama a Willing Wilkie at its June, 2008 meeting in Chantilly, Va. near Washington. They were reassured when he chose their boy, Harold Koh, a strong advocate of the U.S. accepting the ICC, as the State Department’s top lawyer.

In the Penn State Law Review, Koh wrote sneeringly of “nationalists” who oppose surrendering sovereignty to international institutions, including the ICC. He praised the “transnationalist faction” on the Supreme Court and the wisdom of the jurists for their rejection of the “nationalist faction.”


“Generally speaking, the transnationalists tend to emphasize the interdependence between the United States and the rest of the world, while the nationalists tend instead to focus more on preserving American autonomy,” Koh wrote. “The transnationalists believe in and promote the blending of international and domestic law, while nationalists continue to maintain a rigid separation of domestic from foreign law.”

The “transnationalists view domestic courts as having a critical role to play in domesticating international law into U.S. law, while nationalists argue instead that only the political branches can internalize international law,”

Koh wrote. “Transnationalists believe that U.S. courts could and should use their interpretive powers to promote the development of a global legal system, while the nationalists tend to claim that U.S. courts should limit their attention to the development of a national system.”

Five Supreme Court justices have said, to Koh’s delight, that U.S. courts should take into consideration the rulings of foreign courts in deciding domestic cases. They are: John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.

In a Bilderberg warm up, the Washington-based American Society of International Law called on the U.S to embrace the ICC. These luminaries
included former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, former Rep. Mickey Edwards and a roster of educated fools.

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s minister for foreign affairs, made a pitch for two other major Bilderberg goals: creating a global Department of Treasury and Department of Health, with all nations surrendering sovereignty over these issues to the UN. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is to become the Treasury Department and the World Health Organization the World Health Department. But Bildt seized on an old Bilderberg issue, global warming, to make the case for WHO. Bilderberg propaganda over a “swine flu pandemic” has fallen victim to facts: On average, 300,000 Americans develop flu each year and 30,000 die. Only a few have died or even been seriously afflicted by “swine flu.”

The world economic meltdown is a “once-in-a-generation crisis while global warming is a “once-in-a-millennium challenge,” Bildt told Bilderberg. Sources inside Bilderberg said Bildt’s speech mirrored an address he gave to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. Carnegie’s president, Jessica Mathews, is a long-time Bilderberg participant.

“We are at a critical time,” Bildt told Bilderberg. “The order of magnitude [of world crises] are more challenging than we are used to. The world economic recession has already reversed strong annual growth rates in many developing [poor] nations and in some parts of Europe and has the potential to bring down governments. . . . ”

“When we hit bottom, we can’t be sure where we’ll bounce back up,” Bildt said. “This is an urgent economic crisis unlike anything we have dealt with in living memory.” However, he called for a bounce-back within years, not a decade-long recession as some called for in efforts to exploit human misery.

Bildt then turned to selling global warming as the gateway to a World Health Department under the UN. Bilderberg boys, including David Rockefeller and others who inherited great wealth as the sons of smokestack industrialists, grabbed global warming as an issue more than a decade as a means of generating huge profits with investments to “save the planet.” Now, global warming has a new role.

“We know we need to take action,” Bildt said of global warming. “The global crisis is now,” he said. “The necessity to take action on climate change is now.” His calls for “global action” on these supposed “crises” were thinly disguised calls for UN control.

Bildt called for world (UN) solutions to virtually all problems. He cited the European Union as “model of integration, saying, “the EU is emerging as a global actor.” He advocates expanding NAFTA throughout the Western Hemisphere to create an “American Union.”

The International Monetary Fund sent a report to Bilderberg advocating its rise to the role of World Treasury Department. “Further actions by policymakers, particularly in the financial sector, are needed to restore market trust and confidence,” said Marek Belka, director of the IMF’s European department and former prime minister of Poland.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner enthusiastically endorsed the plan for a World Treasury Department, although he received no assurance that he would become its leader. He expressed “hope” that American and European leaders could “work together” to achieve such a “global solution” to the world economic meltdown.

The IMF’s planned new role as a world Treasury Department should be welcome news to the “little guy,” Geithner told Bilderberg. “The damage has been unfair and indiscriminant,” he said. “Ordinary Americans, small business owners and community banks who did the right thing and played by the rules are suffering from the actions of those who took on too much risk.”

But, even with a World Treasury Department, problems will not disappear overnight, Geithner warned. “These are all welcoming signs, but the process of financial recovery and repair is going to take time,” he said, lending his weight to a relative short-term recession as opposed to those who backed a long-term recovery. The people of Europe and America will have suffered enough to embrace a World Treasury Department, he said.

“Our hope is that we can work with Europe on a global framework, a global infrastructure which has appropriate global oversight,” Geithner said. “We can’t allow institutions to cherry-pick among competing regulators and ship risk to where it faces the lowest standards and weakest constraints.”

Bilderberg is fervently working to persuade the Irish to accept an even stronger Lisbon Treaty, which would create an even stronger European Union, creating a permanent (instead of rotating) chairman and a more powerful Parliament. The EU Parliament can even now impose laws on member states.

Irish voters rejected this EU expansion in an earlier referendum, but Bilderberg is pressing for another vote. Citizens of France and Germany overwhelmingly opposed the measure, numerous polls showed, but their heads of state signed off. Ireland requires a referendum before approval.

A meeting is planned June 18-19 in Brussels to cross t’s and dot i’s in an effort to induce Irish voters to reverse themselves and endorse the treaty. Under EU rules, all states must back a change for it to take effect. Bilderberg leaders plan a “private meeting” in advance of the formal session to push ratification.

“They’re going to make us vote until we vote their way,” said an Irishman protesting at the gates of Bilderberg, who feared reprisals if identified. There were a large number of European journalists fighting to expose Bilderberg and much is being published in Europe. Many were seized by police, surrounded by pointed guns and had their film and notes seized.

But The Times of London had a helpful story the opening day of the Bilderberg meeting, Thursday, May 14. “What we have been able to establish from a World Bank spokesman, Alexis O’Brien, that the organization’s president, Robert Zoellick, will be in Athens on unspecified business May 14,” the paper said. “And that U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s public schedule is mysteriously empty for the next two days. Jo Ackermann, head of Deutsche Bank, will be traveling “somewhere in Europe.’

Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, will not be around until the end of the week.” (This was a moment when all journalists were striving to identify Bilderberg participants.)

“Jim Tucker, veteran stalker of the Bilderberg club meetings, claims that [Margaret] Thatcher was ordered “to dismantle British sovereignty, but she said ‘no way,’ so they had her sacked,” the paper said. (Events confirmed this, as did Lady Thatcher in a later conversation with Tucker.)

*** See The Unofficial List of High-Powered Attendees at Bilderberg 2009 ***

AFP editor James P. Tucker Jr. is a veteran journalist who spent many years as a member of the “elite” media in Washington. Since 1975 he has won widespread recognition, here and abroad, for his pursuit of on-the-scene stories reporting the intrigues of global power blocs such as the Bilderberg Group. Tucker is the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary: One Man’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government. Bound in an attractive full-color softcover and containing 272 pages—loaded with photos, many never published before—the book recounts Tucker’s experiences over the last quarter century at Bilderberg meetings. $25 from AFP. No charge for S&H in U.S.

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Seems the company behind the Terminator franchise has purchased the rights to produce a Bilderberg film:

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Who provided the F-16s?

Probably you and I

05-28-2009, 08:26 AM
Probably you and I

I'd imagine they were Greek military F-16s.