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05-20-2009, 05:07 PM
made some changes.... tomato bubble is now free.

I put up $400 to run a few ads in NY/NJ market during Rush's and Sean's radio show.

Hits to my website went through the roof!!!!

I had been selling the content in the hopes of simply breaking even so I could keep running them. I lost $200 but I don't care.

I am making all of the content free-of-charge again so as many people as possible will read this important story. Instead of selling, the site now asks for donations to be used to perpetually run ads.

My only interest is in finding a way to self fund the promotion of this educational and USER FRIENDLY story. Those of you who remember me raising $6000 to run my full page Founding Fathers ad in New Hampshire know that your money was spent for what it was meant for.

I truly believe this site can reach millions of sheep with simple language. If you are looking for real activist bang for the buck...this is it. The reviews I get are most heartening....converted many neo-cons!

Have a look...made some changes and updates. If you're comfortable donating, you'll hear more ads nationwide. ...I'll be adding a chip in and documenting ad buys...just like I did in New Hampshire

Not to toot my own horn...but there really isnt much out there that can teach economics in made-for-children format....Tomato Bubble does that very well

The current radio ad plays in the background ......


05-20-2009, 06:32 PM
Bump. :)

Much thanks, your work certainly gets good results.