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Check it out!


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Digg the R.J. Harris money bomb: http://digg.com/political_opinion/Money_Bomb_for_R_J_Harris_OK_4th_Congressional_dis trict

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Yeah, I'll drop in 10 or 20 bucks. :)

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I'm canadian, so i can't, but i'll certainly spread the word :)

Paulitical Correctness
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Nice. :)

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I'll throw a few bucks his way.

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Following America’s Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, an army of common men stared down the muskets of the most powerful nation in the world. The early years of the Revolution were marked by defeat, uncertainty, and a lack of resources.

Then, in December of 1777, in preparation for the coming winter, General George Washington brought his distraught and apathetic army to Valley Forge to camp out for the winter. During this treacherous time the Continental Army felt defeated and lost. Many soldiers were starving, others were tired and cold, and some soldiers died from these horrid conditions. Despite this unimaginable deprivation, General Washington instilled within his soldiers a victory at Valley Forge, not of arms, but of shear tenacity and mental strength. All winter he supervised their their training and turned them into men of courage, strength, honor and steel. In this effort Washington received much aid from patriots across the country. Supplies slowly began to arrive to relieve the beleaguered soldiers. Merchants donated powder, shot, muskets and cannon. Women from every state stitched new uniforms, banners and boots and money was sent to buy food. Slowly, with the generosity of the citizens of the infant United States, and the newly instilled resolve of the soldiers themselves, our Republic took its first steps towards victory on June 19th 1778. On that day General Washington led his army out of Valley Forge with a new and tenacious motivation which ultimately led them to victory against the world’s most powerful empire of their time.

Today, it often feels as if we are in the winter of our own Valley Forge. The liberties protected by our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are again under attack. Our freedoms as Americans are marred by unconstitutional legislation, the value of our dollar is being destroyed to pay for government extravagance, and the federal government has grabbed far beyond its constitutionally enumerated powers. Our children’s children are being taxed without representation and many of us are distraught and apathetic and ready to give up...but all is not lost! The colors are now being carried to the forward line of battle...lift your eyes and take heart that victory is within our grasp!

In honor the first Army to fight for our liberty, On June 19th 2009 we break camp to march out and to meet the socialists and corporatists head on in a battle that will decide the very fate of our Republic. I am asking you to help turn the tide of the war for our liberty once again. Defend freedom with me as did Washington's patriots with him. Let us depart on that day from our current Valley Forge into the horizon of victory that our forefathers fought so tirelessly to gain. Donate what you can on that day and follow the 8 steps on the http://www.rjharris2010.com/help.asp page. These are the weapons of our political warfare. With them we will take the fight to the enemy's doorstep and we will find him sorely wanting!

RJ Harris
US Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District