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Working Poor
05-20-2009, 08:57 AM
As christians we are the light of the world and in this world not of this world. We do have power and are respected in the world.

There are large numbers of christians in the USA which gives christians here much voting power.

How as christians can we keep from being deceived into using our vote to go against ourselves and our values?

Jesus said love your enemies not go out and kill and condemn them. Are christians ever going to get that killing is killing and war is the same as abortion? How can we condemn one and vote for the other? Is war and conflict our way? Will the christian conflict ever end? Will we ever lead the world and be it's light?

If christians on this planet have any power it is thru love and the truth that set us free.

Our collective vote elects Presidents, Senators,Congressmen at federal and local levels. We elect candidates that claim to be against abortion and gay marriage.

Don't forget it was the politicians that killed Jesus.

Abortion is still legal and gay marriage is going to be legal anyway although people who have voted for and have been elected said they were against abortion and gay marriage. This is the deception tactic that is used to capture christian vote.

Are we going to continue to waste our vote on these things? Abortion was around at the time of Christ Jesus our Lord and did he say one thing about it? Jesus had a few little things to say about money changers as well if you remember it was the only time Jesus was recorded as being violent.

Don't be deceived.

07-14-2009, 06:49 PM
well there was a plot to kill him before he was born...missed him & took out some innocents.
didn't work and "they" lost.

as for the condition of man?
all i can hope for, is that somehow, this will ALL be ok.