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Ron Paul's "Extreme" Views (http://www.jbs.org/node/5590)
John Birch Society - Appleton,WI,USA
By Christopher S. Bentley Ron Paul spoke on Saturday to a crowd of over a thousand in Salt Lake City. While some local media coverage ostensibly seemed to

Ron Paul Inspiring New Civil Rights Movement (http://www.usadaily.com/article.cfm?articleID=92295)
USA Daily - USA
Texas Presidential candidate Ron Paul is inspiring a new Civil Rights movement for the 21st century. Not since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has a political ...

GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Visits Utah (http://newsnet.byu.edu/story.cfm/65298)
BYU Newsnet - Provo,UT,USA
By Tyler Page - 17 Sep 2007 Amid signs reading "Ron Paul Revolution" and "Hope for America," Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul visited Utah on ...

Positions on Iraq war, border control make Paul top choice (http://www.thetimesherald.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070917/OPINION03/709170318/1014/OPINION)
Port Huron Times Herald - Port Huron,MI,USA
Ron Paul is a fierce defender of the Constitution, and his voting record proves it. He recognizes that it is the heartbeat of this country. ...

NH Newspaper Low on Ron Paul Coverage? (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=49133)
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA
On Sunday, Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) won a big straw poll victory in Manchester New Hampshire (see results below) but reporters from the ...

Paul visit (http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/ci_6920217)
Salt Lake Tribune - United States
My wife and I attended this rally with a few guests and were impressed by the turnout and the crackling energy all throughout Dr. Ron Paul's speech. ...

Paul Raises $350000 on West Coast Tour (http://www.usadaily.com/article.cfm?articleID=93214)
USA Daily - USA
Presidential candidate Ron Paul raised $350000 during a west coast tour that lasted several days. Paul's campaign had only raised 3 million as of the last ...

Ron Paul Debate Thread Responses (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=49117)
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA
If some of the so called, top tier, candidates are choosing to pass on these minor debates, I'm not so sure Ron Paul would be well advised to follow suit. ...

Ron Paul's Views On Home Schooling (http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?storyid=23092&ret=Default.aspx)
TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA
However, Ron Paul has voiced his opinion on home schooling. He calls it a "practical alternative" for families. He strongly supports the issue and option of ...

Tavis Smiley To Debate Ron Paul (http://wonkette.com/politics/dept'-of-race_based-debates/tavis-smiley-to-debate-ron-paul-300743.php)
Wonkette (satire) - Washington,DC,USA
Have you heard about the presidential candidate debates? There have been more than a hundred debates so far, with hundreds more to come. ...

NH State Rep. Endorses Ron Paul (http://campaignsandelections.com/nh/releases/index.cfm?ID=4109)
Campaigns & Elections (press release) - USA
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE - The Ron Paul Campaign proudly announced today the endorsement of State Representative Paul Ingbretson, Grafton County District #5. ...

Supporters of GOP's Ron Paul test Wesleyan's political waters (http://www.wesleyanargus.com/article/5263)
Wesleyan Argus - Middletown,CT,USA
By Hannah Drier Supporters of iconoclastic Texas Congressman Ron Paul were out in full force this Sunday morning, as they visited the University in an ...

Ron Paul: Veto Unconstitutional Bills (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=49073)
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA
Having known and read Ron Paul for 25 years down here in Texas, it's exciting to see the world at last discover him - maybe in the nick of time considering ...

GOP Straw polls Removes Ron Paul (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=49045)
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA
It has long been the contention of GOP Strawpolls that Ron Paul supporters were "spamming" their poll. They threatened to remove his name, and now they've ...

Mike Huckabee Wins Wacky "Values" Debate - Ron Paul Places Second (http://lonestartimes.com/2007/09/18/mike-huckabee-wins-wacky-values-debate-ron-paul-places-second/)
Lone Star Times - Houston,TX,USA
Uh, did you forget that the honorable Dr. Ron Paul was in the debate? He whipped out a no answer faster than Robert Byrd pulled out his pocket copy of the ...

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Ron Paul On Homeschooling (http://homeschoolbuzz.com/2007/09/ron-paul-on-homeschooling.html)
By gary(gary)
Anyway, I've noticed some homeschool blogs are active supporters of Ron Paul. I'm wary of the idea of tax credits (they always come with strings attached) but then he addresses this concern too. Many parents of home schooled children ...
HomeSchoolBuzz.com - http://homeschoolbuzz.com/

About.com Hunting/Fishing Guide Endorses Ron Paul (http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/015392.html)
By Tex MacRae
Voted against the anti-freedom Patriot Act. And - and this is where readers of this site may be most interested - Rep. Ron Paul (Republican, Texas) has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership. Dr. Paul - he is an OB/GYN ...
LewRockwell.com Blog - http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/

Ron Paul Seen Winning Values Debate Poll (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=49100)
As of 7 AM/ETA Ron Paul (R-Tex) had received 50 percent of the votes emailed to WorldNetDaily, whose founder moderated the Values debate in Florida last night.
FreeMarketNews.com - World News/Edito... - http://www.FreeMarketNews.com

Ron Paul's Race (http://www.jbs.org/node/5552)
By Brian Farmer
Ron Paul: My staff is always looking into new ways to spread our message. We are working to add new tools to our website and coming up with some pretty neat stuff. One of my staffers, for example, carries a camera at some of our events ...
The New American - http://www.jbs.org/thenewamerican

DC Shuffle - Ron Paul's Army (http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2007/09/ron-paul-osama-bin-laden-mercenary-army.php)
Ron Paul says we need is a citizen mercenary mob armed with the might of the US Constitution. And, you know, like, Uzis and flame-throwers and stuff.
Radar: Fresh Intelligence Blog - http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/

Ron Paul says rich should fund species protection (http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/davidpostman/archives/2007/09/ron_paul_says_rich_should_fund_species_protection. html)
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has attracted some liberal support for his strong anti-war position and other pieces of his libertarian platform. But his views on environmental regulation -- while consistent with his argument ...
Postman on Politics - http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/davidpostman/

Popery and Hijinks (http://www.prosebeforehos.com/pope-ron-paul/09/18/popery-and-hijinks/)
By Pope Ron Paul
Your favorite pope is here once again laying it down hard and in your face with the truth of it all. I spend my days split between running for more than 1% of the GOP primary vote and reading all the national news worth reading. ...
Prose Before Hos - http://www.prosebeforehos.com

The Ron Paul campaign has the establishment running scared (http://stanky.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/the-ron-paul-campaign-has-the-establishment-running-scared/)
By stanky
The Ron Paul campaign has the establishment running scared. Lew Rockwell - Burlingame,CA,USA The establishment didn't foresee when they anointed their front-runners in November 2006 that Ron Paul would enter the race. Dr. ...
stanky - http://stanky.wordpress.com

Wanna See Your Name on Ron Paul's Website? (http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/2007/09/17/wanna-see-your-name-on-ron-pauls-website/)
By Steve
For Ron Paul every day is Constitution Day. To celebrate, we have a special campaign that ends Friday. The quill pen on our website will fill up each time someone makes a donation to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign. ...
GordonUnleashed - http://gordonunleashed.com/blog

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