View Full Version : dumb quotes from obama today

04-14-2009, 10:56 AM
I got the text from his 'major' speech today

here are things that make me shake my head

To begin with, economists on both the left and right agree
that the last thing a government should do in the middle of
a recession is to cut back on spending. You see, when this
recession began, many families sat around their kitchen
table and tried to figure out where they could cut back.
So do many businesses. That is a completely responsible
and understandable reaction. But if every family in
America cuts back, then no one is spending any money, which
means there are more layoffs, and the economy gets even
worse. Thatís why the government has to step in and
temporarily boost spending in order to stimulate demand.
And thatís exactly what weíre doing right now.

SPEND SPEND SPEND!! at least he isnt bashful about it

Second of all, I absolutely agree that our long-term
deficit is a major problem that we have to fix. But the
fact is that this recovery plan represents only a tiny
fraction of that long-term deficit. As I will discuss in a
moment, the key to dealing with our deficit and debt is to
get a handle on out-of-control health care costs Ė not to
stand idly by as the economy goes into free fall.

ITS HEALTH CARE STUPID PEOPLE!! why is he continuing this rage against the health care industry - oohh its socialism... LET ME DRAW YOUR ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE FACT THAT IS THE LARGEST DEFICIT EVER IN MANKIND (that is if you believe the dollar is actually worth anything)

obama's 'five pillars' (WARNING; all worn out democratic lines, most recently used by bill and hillary clinton)

1.we will take to build this foundation is to
reform the outdated rules and regulations that allowed this
crisis to happen in the first place.
2. The second pillar of this new foundation is an education
system that finally prepares our workers for a 21st century
3.The third pillar of this new foundation is to harness the
renewable energy that can create millions of new jobs and
new industries.
But the only way to truly spark this transformation is
through a gradual, market-based cap on carbon pollution, so
that clean energy is the profitable kind of energy.
(oops he slipped in some carbon tax language - minor brainwashing)
4.The fourth pillar of the new foundation is a 21st century
health care system where families, businesses, and
government budgets arenít dragged down by skyrocketing
insurance premiums.
5.kind of savings in every corner of the budget, because
the final pillar in building our new foundation is
restoring fiscal discipline once this economy recovers.
Already, we have identified two trillion dollars in
deficit-reductions over the next decade. (its pretty easy when you increase spending by that amount to start with)