View Full Version : B.J. Lawson will be speaking at the Raleigh tea party

04-14-2009, 07:31 AM
Just a quick note about two opportunities to show your support for good government and fiscal sanity in the next week.

First, I'll be speaking at the Raleigh Tax Day Tea Party on Wednesday night at the state capitol. Should be a good evening to reflect on our exponentially-growing debt burden, and why it's such a swell idea to tax corporations on their net income but deny that an individual's labor has any cost basis at all. We'll be exploring creative ways to live well while reducing our dependency on Federal Reserve Notes, since we all can't be appointed Treasury Secretary and get a free pass for forgetting to pay taxes.

Next, I have the honor and privilege of introducing Rep. Ron Paul at Wake Forest University on April 20th. Wake's Young Americans for Liberty chapter is bringing him to campus for a speech at Wait Chapel at 7pm. This will be my fourth opportunity to introduce Dr. Paul, and each time is more inspiring as his message of principled Constitutional government becomes increasingly relevant. More information is available at the YAL chapter Web site -- I sincerely hope to see you there.

For people who would like to meet Dr. Paul in a more personal setting, he is staying for a private breakfast briefing and fundraiser on Tuesday morning, April 21st. More information on this event (limited to 30 people, $200 per ticket) is available at the Campaign for Liberty Web site.

In liberty,